[Tidbits] Ugly

Some synonyms are: Odd, unnatural in shape, fantastically absurd, and
bizarre. Upon viewing such an item one might see it as maleficent or
doing evil or harm or even harmfully malicious.

I now digress. Ever notice how I do that at times? Those of you who
by now may be used to my idiosyncratic ways may have been, upon
occasion, exposed to my tendencies to digression. What can I say. I
yam who I yam who I yam/I’m Benjy the Tidbits man/I writes to the
finish cuz that’s what I can/I’m Benjy the Tidbits man. Also a poet
for thems wot don’t know it. Ye gads. I’m on a roll here.

Anyway. back to my digression. Tidbits is always. always… about
jewelry. Either directly or obliquely. This is the truth my friends.
The utter verity. The Emes. The fact. The scoop. The verisimilitude.
I could go on. but this week it’s a lie. I’m Benjy the lyin’ guy…

Here’s what happened. I came upon an image called “Grotesque” dating
back to Greek civilization from 1st century B. C. to 2nd century A.
D. It’s a statuette. And it’s ugly. That’s Ugly as in U-G-L-Y. And I
began pondering upon it and I thought. is it really ugly? And the
answer was yes. it is. Until one delves into it a bit more deeply.
And then through the clouds of controversy there arose one of the
great dichotomies of life. Is ugly ugly. or is ugly also beautiful?
Just as beautiful is not always beautiful if one delves deeply into
it. so is ugly not always ugly. As in all things in life. the
converse is often true. Though I must admit that there are times when
beautiful is indeed beautiful and ugly is indeed ugly. Alas. this is
not today’s case. Today. ugly is beautiful… and this is the reason
I left jewelry for this guy for this issue.

To make it easy. let’s give him a name. Oh temptation. thou art evil.
But I cannot. much as I would like. So I will call him Yuk and play
it safe. The identity of Yuk is in much debate. No one knows who he
is. For all I know. those who knew may have been vaporized. He has a
head larger than his body warrants. He has a huge bent nose. He has
canines instead of human teeth. And the whites of his eyes were
originally inlaid in silver. Hey! Silver. By golly. it is jewelry
related. No? His robe reveals his misshapen body.

He is a caricature. But of what? Some say he represents a mime. Some
think he a representation of an Alexandrian pendant. It’s easy to
have opinions when the proof of the pudding is dependant upon some
non-existent pudding. And as “they” have their opinions. so do I have
mine. Wanna hear? Sure you do. We all live for the view of others. do
we not? My opinion: This is what happens to a man who has been
unfortunate enough to have suffered the pangs of unrequited love. He
trying to grin and bear it … but he’s coming out grotesque.

Well. there it is. My little diatribe for the week. So. who out there
would like to see a bronze statuette of Yuk? All of you? Wow. I am
impressed. So then go. You do know where. My home Current Tidbits.
Click. And there will be Yuk in the aftermath of his misadventures.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

Is Ugly really Ugly

Years ago I managed a high end Jewelry store. One week they sent me
a piece that honestly looked like it came out of a car engine. It was
curly wire choker, it looked like a child had made it in pre-school
(to me at least) I put the piece back in the box to send back.

True story - two days later a woman came in and couldn’t find
anything she liked, we simply could not please her. As a last resort
and sort of a joke, I took the “car part” out of the safe and showed
it to her. It was love at first sight, she bought it, put it on and
walked out smiling.

So is ugly “ugly” ? Ya never know