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[Tidbits] The Warrior Horse

The Warrior Horse

June…in 1829. No-doyohn canyon, Arizona. A warrior like no other
before him…was born. As a child…his mother taught him tribal
legends. He grew up teaching himself how to steal…and how to commit
acts of war. The blood of his people coursed through his veins. Pride
emblazoned his soul. From this background…and through the exhibition
of extraordinary courage…he rose to leadership. He was of the
Chiricahua tribe. He was an Apache.

There is a statuette of an Indian Warrior Horse. No name is given for
the creator of the statuette. No reason is given for its creation. It
is made of gold…and polychrome enamel of red and white and green
and blue. It is set with lasqu�-cut diamonds. Lasqu�-cut diamonds are
thin, flat diamonds with a simple facet at the side. The horse stands
on an oval base set with small cabochon rubies…its head
bowed…perhaps waiting the arrival of a great warrior to ride him
into war.

The astounding thing about Geronimo is that during his final campaign
against the U.S. he was up against 5000 troops and 500 Indian
auxiliaries. He had on his side 35 men, 8 boys, and 101 women. He had
no bases of supply. With this…he lasted 18 months against the
army…and at the end the score was: Army…95 losses. Mexican losses:
Heavy but unknown. Geronimo’s losses: 13 killed…none of which were
derived from direct U.S. army action. Amazing. In my mind…amazing.
It can’t be romanticized enough.

I return to the bejeweled horse. It was valued at $1500 to $2000 in
the early '90’s. It was shown at auction at The H�tel de la Paix in
Geneva, Switzerland. I do not know if it was sold…or who it
belonged to…or who it belongs to now. But I know it’s out
there…somewhere…a great horse…waiting for its great rider…its
muscles tense…its tail swishing impatiently…ready for action.

It’s a short Tidbit this week folks. I can’t write much about a gold
horse encrusted with diamonds and rubies unless I know more about
it. On the other hand…if I see a thing of beauty…I can’t pass it
by because of a dearth of An so I pass the image of this
creature on to you in the hopes you will enjoy it as much as I did.

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
direct you to my home page at where you will
scroll down the table menu till you get to the box that says
Tidbits…and inside the box where it says Tidbit Graphics…click on
the link that says: Warrior Horse…where you will see the graphic of
our bejeweled Statuette.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next
week. Benjamin Mark

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