[Tidbits] The Vase

It’s the Qi of it all… the Yin and the Yang… the Dark and the
Light…the Male and the Female… the Low and the High … the
Flower and the Vase.

Well… maybe not the Flower and the Vase… but if it is not I who
takes a little dash of literary liberty… then who? That said …
shall we segue into the grand ballroom of the inane?

Did you know…

That should you suddenly smell flowers when none are present… you
will soon die.

That if you take a flower to the dining table… then swish it
lightly across your lips after having drunk some wine… and then
present it–in a most gallant fashion of course–to your lover… you
shall have his or her undying love. This… to get back to the Qi…
can of course be Boon or Bane… or Yin or Yang… or… well… you
get the idea.

That you should never… ever… for as long as you breathe in the
sweet substance of life… give an even number of flowers to your
object of desire. This will only bode ill… bring bad luck… and
most surely dash any hopes you might have had to let her Yang know
that your Yin was present and ready for action. This last should not
be viewed as a portent for sexual proclivities… but rather purely
as a scientific search for understanding. If we here at Tyler-Adam
Corp. are nothing… we are scientific.

That if placed in a house… agrimony would produce sleep. Now this
is rather interesting for of those plants belonging to the genus
Agrimonia … we have marigold and hemp… this last being the
granddaddy of Mary Jane… or as some might call it… Grass… or
Weed… or even quaintly enough… Marijuana… which can… after a
great deal of excesses … cause weariness. At least this is as
rumor would have it for I personally would not know.

That conversely… Lilies would produce wakefulness… and Roses
would cure fertility (don’t ask me how for I have no clue).

That it is said that by selecting one of the various kinds of roses
available a lover could express over forty some odd feelings. Anemone
would indicate refusal. Re: What? You want to sleep with me? Here…
take this Anemone and shove it. Apricot… timid love. Azalea…
passion. Straw… I wanna be your slave. And here I always thought
the farmers worked the fields with such gusto due to their
enterprising natures. I know someone quite well that has a field of
straw that gets harvested yearly. I am going to have to ask her about
its true purpose.

So… with all this knowledge… with all these flowers… the
question remains to be asked… into what do we put all these bloody
flowers? And the Qi once more rears its head… and the Yin and Yang
yawn into wakefulness… and the gods smile at the simplicity of the
answer. Why… into a vase of course.

And boy do I ever have a vase to show you. It’s a flower holder
originating in the second quarter of the 19th century in Vienna. It
is silver gilt set with garnets and turquoises and enhanced with
finely painted enamel. It is a stunner folks… the perfect little
sheath in which to hold a single rose or azalea whilst making the
trek to your loved one’s abode.

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark