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[Tidbits] The Tyrants of the Insect World

They have five eyes. They can scan a field of nearly 360 degrees.
They have four wings. They are aerialist gymnasts. They can zip along
at 60 miles an hour. And they have long been a favorite among

To the Japanese they are the symbol of summer and autumn and are so
respected and admired that the Samurai use them as symbols of power,
agility, and victory.

To the Chinese they are symbols of prosperity and harmony and good

And to the Europeans they are the witches’ animals that Satan sent to
earth to cause chaos and confusion. To them it is called Devil’s
Needle, Horse Stinger, Adderbolt, and more. The Welsh call it the
Snake’s Servant and the Swedish believe they come around regularly to
check for bad souls and to sneak up on children who tell lies. As to
adults who curse. our insect simply stitches up their mouths and eyes
and ears.

So you decide. sight as yet unseen. which seems to be the more
civilized cultures? Those that advocate peace and agility and
prosperity and harmony. or those who pursue the highly intellectual
path of Satan and Witches and Snake’s Servants and such? For those of
you who picked Satan and his gang. bravo. . you’re a product of modern
times clearly endowed with advanced intelligence. To you others.
you’re all a bunch of retros to believe in such depraved traits that
enhance goodness and beauty.

As to me. I take a neutral stance and simply like to refer to this
creature that has inhabited our little orb in space for about 300
million years as a Dragonfly. As to why they are called The Tyrants
of the Insect World. this is a description given them by Darwin
because of their voraciousness. They are primo predators.

But that ain’t nuthin’. What they really are is an artist’s dream.
Louis Comfort Tiffany used them as hair ornaments. I have hundred of
images of bejeweled dragonflies. each one prettier than the one
before it. They reflect the works of Copley, Lafitte, Wolfers, Thomsen
and scads more.

Ah. but I chose a brooch by one “jeweler unknown.” It’s European,
circa 1850. It’s enameled. It has pearls. It has diamonds. It has
rubies. It has emeralds. And --most importantly–it’s offbeat.

One more insect fact that I am unable to let pass by before I show
you Le Dragonfly Superior. Did you know there are more than one
million insects for every man woman and child alive today? Yes
indeed. I wouldn’t lie to you. Diamond Setters never lie. Oh yeah.
and while I’m at it. the total world insect population weighs about
12 times as much as the total human population. So put that in your
Bunsen-burner and smoke it. Does anybody out there still use
burners-burners? I know I used to.

Okay. That’s it. If you like offbeat. go. Take a look. This is the
mother of all dragonflies. Tell me if you agree. Tell me if you don’t
agree. But if you tell me you don’t agree. . say it a bit more
softly. Fine print would work.

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits. may I
direct you to my home page at where you
will scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that
says Current Tidbits. click it. and you will see represented on our
pages an image of a dragonfly that’ll knock your socks off. Or at
least sew your lips and eyes closed.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

I have hundred of images of bejeweled dragonflies. each one
prettier than the one before it. They reflect the works of Copley,
Lafitte, Wolfers, Thomsen and scads more. 

The natural colours and shapes of some insects are hard to beat when
it comes to the “beauty” criterion of beauty/rarity/durability. I
found a dead and dried dragonfly and a dead and dried beetle while
gardening last summer. I intend to mount both on a piece of

What an amazing bejeweled insect! Our old Florida Crackers call them
"Mosquito Hawks", and for this, they are greatly revered locally.
Linda in central FL