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[Tidbits] The Three Parcae

The Three Parcae

Circa 1890. The Victorian period of jewelry design is at an end. A
new style strides into the Parisian field of jewelry creativity. Art
Nouveau has arrived…led by a group of innovators such as Ren=82
Lalique, George Fouquet, Lucien Gaillard, Lucien Gautrait, and others.
For the first time since the Renaissance…jewelry pieces are being
conceived as works of art.

Circa…the beginning of civilization. The Greek gods rule the earth.
A child is born. He is in his cradle. His parents have tied up the
dog. The front door is left open. Delicious morsels of food are placed
upon the table. The Parcae (The Fates) are coming to visit–as they do
with every newborn–in order to determine the child’s destiny. They
must be put in good humor. There are three of them. They are the Three
Daughters of Night. They are Clotho …Lachesis…and Atropos.

The female figure dominates this new Art Nouveau world. Jewels are
now considered works of art…appreciated for their design and
workmanship rather than for their inherent value. The designers of the
era have achieved a level of perfection rarely matched…from then to
today. The artists and creators of these jewels are the front-runners
of a short race. After 30 years…Art Nouveau is gone…leaving behind
a trail of splendor never again achieved. It is a period considered as
the high point in jewelry design history.

The Parcae–also known as the Moerae–return to their weaving. They
will give each newborn good and evil in varied proportions. For those
of you who think you are the way you are because of pot-luck…forget
it. It was the Fates what done you in. Clotho–the Spinner–spins away
at the thread of your life. Lachesis–the Disposer of Lots–assigns to
each person his or her destiny. Charles will be a doctor…Jim will
be a thief. The Parcae will not be swayed in their decisions. And then
there’s Atropos–the dreaded carrier of The Shears. She will not be
turned when she decides to cut the thread of life which Clotho has
spun these many years. And as she cuts…so will that person’s life
end in death…and Clotho will begin a new thread…till once more it
is time for the Shears.

Ye gads folks. This is no joke. Let’s get a posse…a team…some
renegades from Alcatraz if necessary–never mind that Alcatraz is no
more–let us not be bothered by details. Let’s get those men…and
steal those Shears by golly. Once they’re gone…we live forever.

Of the artists of the era…one produced A Gold Brooch/Pendant of the
three Parcae spinning the thread of life. It is beautiful. It has
French gold marks. It was worth…a little over twenty years
ago…about 4000 Swiss Francs. And alas, the artist in unknown. But
it’s worth a look-see. It is representative of the Art Nouveau era.

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all nex=
week. Benjamin Mark

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