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[Tidbits] The Thing Of it...a N?nburg Pot

The Thing Of it…a N?nburg Pot.
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Here’s the thing of it. I see jewelry every day of my life. I work
with designers…I work with lay people…I work with the retail… I
work with wholesale…I work with importers. Many of these people have
beautiful things to show. But when I want to see something truly
outstanding…I have to go to something that was made before the
advent of modern technology…before the CadCam came into being
…before three dimensional software came into being…I have to
delve into the ancient past. Nothing today compares to yesteryear.
Or…if it does…I haven’t seen it.

I don’t attribute this to lack of skill. It has to do with money.
Jewelry manufacturing today is–in many respects–no different than
any other major industry. Technology allows manufacturers to produce
at the lowest cost. Any of you folks ever call a company–AT&T for
instance–only to be confronted by a barrage of taped selections…
never getting to speak with a human being? I find it maddening. But
it’s cheaper. They save salaries…they save time…we lose hours
punching buttons. Same with jewelry. To create today what was created
in the past requires enormous investments in time. I want it now… I
want it fast…I want it cheap.

Okay…so…that said…the question is…do I have something to show
that shows the past produced better gold products with more attention
to detail than today? Do I have that to show you folks? Surely you
jest mes amis. The question is not do I have something… the question
is which of the things I have do I show you?

We’re in the early 17th century. There are two famous brothers…
extremely skilled in the art of goldsmithing. I know nothing about
them. Their names were Wenzel and Christoph Jamnitzer. Christoph
Jamnitzer created a gold pot that is considered one of the
masterpieces of early baroque goldsmithery in N?nberg. I scanned it
and made it as large as I could without creating an impossibly long
download. I hope you can catch some of the detail.

This is a short Tidbit. Nothing clever. Nothing witty. No bon mots. I
just want to show you something pretty. I hope you like it. Let me
know. For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may
I direct you to my home page at where you will
scroll down the table menu till you get to the box that says
Tidbits…and inside the box where it says Tidbit Graphics…click on
the link that says: Pot…where you will see a rendering of a
masterpiece of a baroque creation.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next
week. Benjamin Mark

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