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[TIDBITS] The Pink Elephant

The Pink Elephant.

Most folks’ idea of a fine diamond is one that is white, or near
white, with high clarity, low or no fluorescence (not necessarily
the detractor most think it is, but that’s another story), and
finely cut. And within a certain spectrum, they’re correct.
However, that is not the whole story. Color, plays a large role in
diamonds, and European collectors scramble for intense colors when
they come out of the mines.

Australia, the country with the largest new diamond production in
the world today (how many of you thought it was South Africa, which
ranks as number 5 out of 5 in world production), Australia, with
its Argyle Mine, also produces the most amount of colored diamonds
in world today. As of about five years ago, the Argyle mine had an
annual output of over 39 million carats. This is about a third of
the world supply folks.

The Argyle is the home of the Intense Pinks. An Argyle Pink
weighing 3.14 carats sold at auction for $1.65 million U.S. In
fact, the Argyle people can be credited with marketing genius by
having elevated the umbra of brown diamonds–once not so
desirable-- to the present color shades ranging from Champagne to

And so now that we have all these different colored diamonds
available to us, what’re we gonna do with them? Hmmm? Well, here’s
a thought. Why not make gorgeous jewelry with them. Fact of the
matter is, why not make animals out of the diamonds. Why not make
snakes and lizards and butterflies and pink flamingos and pink
elephants out of them? Or, if you don’t like animals, why not make
necklaces and earrings and rings, all with different colors, all
with only diamonds. Which is what some designers did.

There is a Pink Menagerie of diamond animals out there–I don’t
know how many different creatures encompass its scope–but I have
a picture for you all to see. It’s a Pink Elephant mother with her
Pink Elephant child. It consists of over 630 pink diamonds. It has
ten rubies, and black steel tusks. And it is, in a word, gorgeous.
The designer’s name is Esmerian…and his work is brilliant.

To see it folks, for you newcomers…to my home page, down to the
box that says Tidbit Graphics, and click!

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.

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