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TIDBITS - The Peacock Throne

Special thanks to a guy named Tex for this one.

             T h e   P e a c o c k   T h r o n e

I run the risk here of slight redundancy folks…but the focus
is a tad more narrow. So here goes…

The Persian Empire! The wealthiest holder of jewels in the world
today. We regress in time. The year is 1726. Nadr Quli Beg leads
a band of robbers 5000 strong in an effort to usurp an Afghan
leader whose name plays no role in our tale. Suffice it to say
our Nadr Quli Beg becomes, after an elapsed time of around ten
years, Nadir Shah…self appointed ruler of Persia.

Our Nadir is, however, no great statesman. What he is, is a
warrior chieftain, a brilliant soldier, and a looter supreme,
unheralded in through annals of time. He taxed and took, and
levied and took, and conquered and took, and took and took. He
followed that old saw that says you don’t get poor from taking.

He returned triumphant one day, from India, bringing with him
ten jeweled thrones, among them the famous Peacock Throne. Now
then, some of you out there who are inordinately wealthy…you
have beautiful diamond jewelry which you are reluctant to wear in
public lest some filthy filcher filches it from you. (Say that
quickly ten times folks.) So what do you do…you make a
duplicate…out of CZ’s. You are now protected. Not out friend
Nadir. He loved the Peacock throne so much, he made an exact
duplicate of it, but used other jewels. Alas, none of the thrones
Nadir brought back survived time.

Before I go on, I want to add this. I scanned an image of the
throne I am talking about for all of you to see. Ya wanna get a
taste of unbridled splendor?..go take a look. I’ll tell you
where at the end of this cliffhanger folks.

Although it is called Nadir’s Throne…it is not…nor is it the
Peacock Throne of the Great Mogul. Our throne, which presently
stands in Gulistan Palace was first called the Sun Throne, and
then named again after one of its creator’s favorites whose name
was Tavous Khanoum…or…Lady Peacock. The creator of the
throne, by the way, was Fath-Ali Shah…for those of you who are
sticklers for detail.

Now…for some quick details. The entire throne is covered with
a sheet of gold…then enameled and encrusted with precious
stones, rubies and emeralds being the most abundant. Total number
of gems set in our little throne…26,733. The last record of its
use I have available in my records was in 1967, for the
coronation of H.I.M. Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi Aryamehr. I could
be wrong on this last detail as my source is dated 1973.

If you want to see opulence at its best, go to my home page at: and scroll down the tables till you
get to Tidbits. There will be a link there that says Peacock
Throne. Go take a look folks. It’s a winner…I promise you.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.

Take care,
Benjamin Mark

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