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[Tidbits] The Magnificent Gold and Enameled Testicle

No no. Wait. Back off. Don’t get so upset. No porno here. Nothing
like that. Heh heh. A small joke. Some humor to brighten the day.
Actually … it relates to jewelry. Yes. Really and truly. It does.
Listen. It comes from the Greek word “Orkhis” which means testicle
and which has become in our daily language the word Orchid. Ain’t
etymology grand? A beautiful flower. A magnificent flower. So there
… you see … it’s innocuous … a mere bagatelle of a word … a
trifle … a nothing to get upset about. Hey. She smiles at the
flower merchant seductively. Nice pair of orchids you got there

And so we segue to Tiffany’s. I’ll get back to your orchids-- you
should pardon the expression–later. The year is 1889. We’re at the
Exposition Universelle in Paris. Tiffany $ Co. exhibits their
displays of jewels. It meets with rave reviews. Bravo Le Tiffany.
Bravo le jewels. The diamonds dazzle. But it’s the enamel work that
steals the show. The orchids are the most perfect representation of
nature. A reporter states that it is only by touch that one can tell
they are not real flowers but rather a work produced by the hands of
man. They are created by one Paulding Farnham … chief designer for

Cattleya Velutina is the species of orchid of the variety
Schilleriana which is found in Brazil and which you are all soon
about to see. Oh what a magnificent thing it is. Petals yellow.
Brown spots. Diamonds. Rubies.

In Europe and Asia orchids were gathered for the preparation of a
mixture called salep … guaranteed to excite the desire of your
partner. Clearly the answer arrived at before the advent of the
miracle pills available today. Oy … you should only see the emails
I get.

But enough of that. Go. Go. Stop reading this stuff. The orchid

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… where you’ll see an image of the gold and silver enameled brooch

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark