[Tidbits] The Lotus and The Lotus Position

Well… there’s the Position and there’s the Flower… and of
course… of course… they’re interrelated.

In the East for instance… the Lotus is considered a symbol of the
divine presence in human life… the expanding flower forming the
rosette of the cycles of existence.

In olden times the medieval church denounced the cross-legged stance
known as the Lotus Posture as a symbol of paganism and declared that
them what assumed this position were working witchcraft. See the
analogy? Perfectly clear and rational… n’est ce pas?

Lordy lord how I love the logic of human thought. The lotus is also
considered the receptive cup of the feminine principle. Anyone care
to venture a thought as to what this means exactly? Its root
represents the indissoluble. Its stem is the umbilical cord. It’s
seed pod is the fecundity of human creation. My guess is that its
petals represent a spaghetti dinner.

I digress here from this fascinating tale for a quick disclaimer.
Lest there are some who might take umbrage at what might
inadvertently be misinterpreted as a mocking stance… I apologize in
advance. This apology is born of experience as I once had a reader
who was a warlock and who felt deep resentment over the fact that I
was mocking witchcraft… a thing which–of course–I would never do.
That said… I shall throw caution to the winds and boldly venture
forth into the inexplicable mysteries of the Flower and the Position.

But wait. I double digress. When someone requests that someone else
assumes The Position… are they talking Lotus? This question
troubles me and I urgently need an answer. And when they make
bejeweled figurines of little folk sitting lotus fashion… how come
they always show a male. Why are women not equally represented? I
resent this. Stand up, I say. Stand up and march for equal
representation. Women of the world… unite. Request… nay…
demand statuettes be made of women sitting lotus-fashion. It is your
right… it is your obligation… it is a mishegoss. (This last is
Yiddish. You look it up.)

Not only is the Lotus a symbol of divine birth from muddy waters…
it also has funerary meanings… implying death. The cascades of
logic never cease to flow. For those who need to know… the Lotus is
also considered the seat of human intelligence… as well as being
representative of the centers of psychic systems. Hmmm.

In order to assume the correct cross-legged position… the
instructions dictate that the right foot be placed on the left thigh
and the left foot be placed on the right thigh. This is clearly
opposed to the ever growing popular notion among the elite radical
few who would have you believe that the right foot should be placed
on the right thigh and the left foot on the left thigh. What would
we do–I ask–without clear and concise instructions? In addition…
the soles of the feet should be turned up. Yeah right… try turning
the soles down. You’ll have to break yer bloody ankles. Still… one
can never be too explicit.

Well… having ventured recklessly into a world of potential chaos
… having braved the dangers of living in a world of irrefutable
logic and survived… I return to explain the theme behind all this
flower mish-mash stuff. I have this most adorable image you see…
of a bejeweled little fellow sitting lotus fashion with a lotus
flower at his feet. Wanna see?

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Happy Mother’s Day

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark