[Tidbits] The Kundansaz (A Perspective)

First… last week’s results. I had a chicken… a vulture… a
parrot… some eagles and some thunderbirds. As to the hook … to
use as an ornament on a crown… and…I also had an other rather
innovative use for the hook which I can not mention as this is an R
rated e-zine. The eagles and thunderbirds are tied… so I come to
the conclusion that bird is without a doubt a sparrow. And now…

The Kundansaz (A Perspective)

Kundansaz… I believe this is the Indian word for Gemsetter.

I begin with the image and the starkness of contrast. I don’t know
his name. But I have an image of him… sitting cross-legged on a
pillow… bare-chested and bare-footed… knee-high pants… bent
over his work in front of a low-slung table. Strewn about him on the
floor are samples of jewelry… books… tools. A lamp fitted with
home-made shading illuminates his word.

Next to this image is another. Instead of being the bench of a
Kundansaz in India… this is the bench of a modern day diamond
setter in New York. I blush with immodesty. It is my bench. The
difference is stark. This bench has many of the modern conveniences
today’s world of craftsmanship affords. Microscope. GRS tools. Yada
yada yada.

In my humble opinion… India produced some of the finest and most
intricate jewelry we are privileged to see. And they did it with
tools that don’t hold a candle to what is available to us now. Take a
look. I think you will enjoy the perspective.

A little more about the Kundansaz. His tools were portable. There was
a time when it was not easy for women to roam the streets to go
searching for jewelry. So… the craftsmen would come to their
homes… set up on the floor… and begin creating the desired
brooch or pendant or earring for the lady of the house. This
presented quite a few advantages. An eagle eye was always present to
ensure no gold went missing… no gemstones were switched for those
of inferior quality. Gratification was metaphorically instantaneous.
Progress could be measured by the micro-second.

Perhaps we could all learn something here. Let us buy Ice Cream
truck type vehicles with full service jewelry facilities inside.
Polishing. Setting.

Torches. Cheap rent… except of course for gas expenses. We roam
hill and dale… our bells ringing… loudspeakers blasting
melodious tunes to let one and all know that the Traveling Jeweler is
on your street… They will flock to the trucks like kiddies to cones.
My chain is broken. I need a bracelet for tonight. You have any
brooches? Can you tighten my center stone?

Ah… fantasy beats reality seven ways to Christmas and back. The
customers will dance in the streets reveling at this new convenience.
Till of course one day the tax man will get wind of the new
enterprise. As will the town elders. Roaming licenses will have to be
issued. Roaming taxes will have to be levied. Local gas stations will
have to have special pumps installed with special rates for the
traveling jewelry trucks. Huge bonuses will be given to those who
cripple the itinerant crafstmen… to those who thought up all this
extra levying. There will be rebellion in the streets. The itinerant
entrepreneur will not be able to survive. He will travel into the
city. Look for a place for rent. Give up his truck… his ideas …
his dreams. And all will be as it once was. Ah… reality clearly
beats fantasy seven ways to Christmas and back. Doesn’t it?

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That’s it for this week folks.
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Benjamin Mark