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[Tidbits] The Holy Thorn Reliquary

I am–at times–prone to pondering. though this is quite rare. And
being in the business of jewelry I find myself, upon occasion,
pondering about our business and as to why the old world jewelers
produced pieces of such great workmanship as to be the envy of
today’s craftsmen. Is it talent, I wonder? I think nay. Perseverance
perhaps? Well. maybe a little. But still nay. Ah well. one more guess
then. Money? Is it money? Bingo old chap.

In the old days you had to do it and do it right. In today’s day you
have to do it and do it right. but you also have to do it at a price.
No sponsoring by those in power who fed you and housed you and feted
you and removed from your mind the headaches of survival. Take your
time. Take a week. Take a month. Take a year. But give me a work of

Today. I need it now. Yesterday. In an hour. A micro-second at best.
An oh yeah. do it at a price. A dollar? No. Fifty cents? No. A
quarter. a dime. a nickel? No no no. A penny then. You got it. A
penny it is. I’ll be back in an hour. An hour? But but but… An
hour pal. You hear me?

Which bring me to a reliquary. The Holy Thorn Reliquary in fact. A
reliquary is usually a housing built to hold smaller relics. The Holy
Thorn Reliquary however is a gold and bejeweled housing built to
showcase one of the thorns from the Crown of Thorns placed on
Christ’s head before the crucifixion. One of those thorns is the
centerpiece of the reliquary.

The reliquary is eight inches high. It is–as aforementioned–solid
gold. It is enameled and contains rock crystal, pearls, rubies, and
sapphires. It was made in Paris around 1390 and it was sponsored by
the Royal Family. It is in the form of a theatre. In it is housed the
drama of the end of the world. At the top sits God in holy judgment.
Christ is in the center. his pierced hand offering redemption to
mortal souls with the shedding of holy blood. It resides in the
British Museum in London.

Not enough can be said of the beautiful craftsmanship of this piece.
and if it’s not jewelry. then it’s bejeweled. And it was surely made
by a jeweler of the highest caliber.

The value of redemption this piece offered medieval Christians cannot
be overstated. This was their entranceway to heaven. I am fascinated
when I look at this piece. I try to envision the effort that went
into its creation. I am unable to do so. The talent or talents that
created this piece are far far beyond my capabilities. if you can
believe such a thing. Perhaps in my next go 'round my skills will be
more honed.

Okay. You know the rest. The visit to the image. also known as the
viewing experience. You know where. Home page. Scroll down. Left side. [Tidbits]. Click.
And there for your sensory optic pleasure you will see an image of a
magnificent reliquary called The Holy Thorn Reliquary.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

1 Holy Thorn for sale cheap ! plucked from the Holy Thorn Tree that
grows next to the Jones Falls… legend has it that @ 1 time it was
fodder for the local population of Woolly Mammoths… :stuck_out_tongue: