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TIDBITS - The Healing Stones of Planet Earth

T h e H e a l i n g S t o n e s o f P l a n e t E a r t h

Some time ago, in an earlier Tidbit, I did an article about the
healing powers of precious and semi-precious stones. I have now
come upon, once again, some on this topic. For those
of you interested in gemology as it relates to medicinal
esoterica …I present the following with this disclaimer.
Nothing here is being served up as a substitute for your
physician or healer of choice. Nor do I intend to state that any
of this is even true. What I will say is this: There are stranger
things between heaven and hell that man will ever understand. And
who am I to say what does and does not work. That said, 'en avant
mes amis!" I give you all some samplings.

Alexandrite: Multi-colored from green to pink…it has an
electrical charge that stays for hours after rubbing. It bypasses
illness itself and goes straight to the cause, re-balancing that
part of your bod that’s out of kilter and bringing those parts
within you back to their proper balance. This stone improves your
memory. So …if you have an impending test to take…get
yourself an Alexandrite…and probability has it memories will
come gushing into your brain, filling you with the wisdom of an

Amber: Ah now…this little fellow will fix a sore throat and
raise depressed spirits. So…if you’re not feeling well, and if
you’re feeling lousy about it…as opposed to those of you who
love being sick…keep a piece of Amber around by your bedside
and bingo…and you’ll soon be singing praises to this magical
resin…which, as a side power…can also cure asthma and
bronchitis and headaches and toothaches.

Blue John: This form of banded fluorite has a power unheralded in
the annals of mysticism. Belief holds that children that were
aborted roam the earth in desperation and confusion seeking their
mother for nourishment. When these lost child spirits do
ultimately find their mother…they soak her strength away. What
to do…what to do? The answer…place a little Blue John nearby
and soon…lo and behold…mother is fine again. By the way, if
you happen to be a medium, and talking to the spirits from the
other world is knocking the bejeebers out of you…hey…keep a
little Blue John around…and soon you’ll be rollicking around
with the spirits in fine form…waiting for them to catch up with

Chrysoprase: A cleansing agent for the physical and spiritual
self. It corrects nervous disorders and aligns the brain,
readying it for sudden bursts of activity. For example…let’s
say you wanted to figure out the formula that would enable
mankind to overcome the restrictions encountered when trying to
travel faster than the speed of light. But you find yourself
mentally blocked. Hey…you wouldn’t be the first. Suddenly, when
you’re not looking, somebody slips a Chrysoprase on your desk.
You lift your head as an enormous burst of clarity invades your
senses. By George…it was so simple. See what I mean, folks?

Coral: Got a date my friend. But you can’t go out tonight
because you have this enormous Zits on your nose. Not to worry
amigo. Captain Coral is near. Shazaam! Keep it near you, and your
skin will be as clear as…I don’t know…a baby’s tush.

Diamond: Wal now folks. We got a problem here. This stone can
cure lunacy. It can bolster up your courage…in case you have to
get into a fight with the local bully or something. And it can
increase longevity. Rub it…and it produces a positive
electrical charge. But the problem is this…in order to be able
to cull the full and varied effects that can be gleaned from a
diamond…you have to have one the right size. Minimal
requirements…according to my research into the arcane…two
carats. The good news is… shape doesn’t matter. Takes yer
choice ladies and gentlemen. A round brilliant for the lass over
there. A marquise for the lady.

Obsidian: Last but not least in this week’s fare. Now
then…some of you have gone to your local practitioner and in
two seconds flat, he or she has diagnosed you and medicated you
and fixed you all up like new. You leave the office in
wonderment. By golly, your practitioner is a genius…and nothing
less. Right? Wrong? What your practitioner in all likelihood
has…is an Obsidian. For this little piece of glass helps and
guides the process of healing…and intervenes where knowledge
and experience prove insufficient.

I stop here with one quick note. Let us say you need a piece of
coral, or alexandrite, or even a diamond in a hurry. And you
just don’t know where to get one. Wal…drop me a line…and I’ll
see what I can do to accommodate.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.

Take care,
Benjamin Mark

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Mark, you forgot the most important part of the gemstone
prescription. The stone has to touch your body at all times.
With today’s basket and raised settings, it’s no wonder they
never work.

Besides, you forgot the one that worked a lot until it was
replaced by ceramics (“remember one word, Benjamin–plastics”).
Quartz crystals are piezoelectric–they convert pressure waves
(sound waves) to electricity and back. They were used in early
ultrasound machines. Coupled to the skin (remember skin
contact?) with gel to make pictures of the insided of the body
with the echoes of the sound waves returning to the crystal.
Baby pictures before the baby is born.

They were also used in therapeutic ultrasound machines in
physical therapy.

Send me a few large alexandrites, etc., and I’ll try to figure
out a clinical use.

P.S. Incidentally, the Romanoff women used alexandrites and
diamonds as bullet-proof vests. They were sewn into their
clothing, making their murder more difficult following the
Russian revolution.

Always enjoy your stories.