[Tidbits] The Great Tree

The Great Tree

There’s a little extrapolating here folks…extrapolating in the
sense of connectivity. It’s the tie-ins I’m not sure of. But the
Tree itself…The Kalpa Tree…ah…the tree exists…in Hindu
mythology that is…so let’s go.

We start with the God Brahma. A “Kalpa” is one day of Brahma. Our
day is 24 hours. His day…his “Kalpa”…is 4,320,000,000 years.
The day–the universe–begins when Brahma opens his eyes and
ends when he closes it. When Brahma opens his eyes again…a new
universe begins. To estimate this length of time in measures
other than numerals…this analogy is given. It is said that when
a piece of cloth has rubbed away a mountain sixteen miles long,
high, and wide…then one second of kalpa has passed. Get the
idea folks? It’s a long time. It’s a long long time.

For those of you still delving in alchemy–and who isn’t–Kalpa
also means desire so that the Kalpa tree is the tree of
desire–Adam and Eve anyone–and in Hindu mythology there is a
belief that the Kalpa Tree is found on Krsna’s planet which is
made of touchstone. As every alchemist worth his salt knows…if
you touch iron to touchstone…the iron turns to gold. So forget
the gold mines folks. Forget the market. Forget everything you
learned. If it’s gold you want…find Krsna’s planet.

But what if you wanted a tree whose fruit was precious gems?
What if you wanted Zircons and rubies and emeralds and more?
Where do you get that…hmmm? I’ll tell you. The island of nine
gems is afloat in the ocean of sugarcane juice. A gentle breeze
blows over the island. The island is the Forest of Mandara…
where the Kalpa tree grows. I don’t have a map folks. But I’ll
tell you about the tree. It has nine gems hanging from it’s
branches like so much fruit. They don’t say which gems…they
don’t say how many of each kind. Does it matter? A good gardener
could propagate the thing. The light from the tree casts a red
glow on the ground.

Our island is not there for purposes of ravaging its wealth, but
rather is a place of meditation. However…once there…if you
happened to snip a piece of the root of the Kalpa Tree…and if
the weather over there matches the weather conditions where you
live…who would know you took a piece of that root back home?
And if you were to plant that root…and if you were able to
make that tree grow and bear fruit…and if you were to sell some
of that fruit to your local jeweler…well good for you, I say.
Good for you…and don’t forget the old ten percent commish for
Benjamin Mark (Moi). After all…it was I who showed you the way.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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