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[TIDBITS] The Golden Role

The Golden Role

Not rule folks, but rather role. For after all, just how far
back does one need to go in order to find out just when the role
of gold began to play and important part in the machinations of
mankind? And just how deep a role does this gold play in our
psyches, you might wonder? Well…wonder no more. I’m gonna tell

About 800 B.C. there was a Greek poet by the name of Hesiod.
Through the medium of one of his poems, Hesiod describes the
descent of man, who declines through five levels to ultimately
reach the bottom rung of the ladder of deterioration. Hesiod
describes this level as the Iron Generation. However, before man
began his descent to this abyss, he was created by the gods in
gold. Alas, the gods were not happy with man’s behavior, so they
made the next mortals in silver, and so it went. The key here is
to remember that mortal man was first created in gold. Heck…I
guess if you wanted a ring in those days, all you had to do was
cut off a finger to wear on your finger. Or something like that.

In the 5th century B.C., Plato explained that the scarcity of
gold on this earth was due to Zeus’s disappointment with man.

Ocean’s bank–that great river of ancient times–was the sacred
home of the dead, where “golden” flowers blazed on trees and
"gold" gushed in molten streams throughout the earth.

The fifth Muhammadan heaven is a heaven of “gold”. There is a
Hindu epic called the Rig-Veda which proclaims that he who gives
"gold" will have a life of everlasting glory.

Then there was the Golden Age, when man lived in “golden

Atlantis, the continent of the Gods, had “golden” spires on it
which lit the world. How many of you thought it was the sun?

And how about the metaphorical use of the word gold. Oh my
goodness Beverly, marry the man. He has a heart of “gold”. Of
course you should go into that business, Sam. Heck man, it’s a
"golden" opportunity. Dad, Mom, I can’t believe it. You’re
married 50 years. By gosh and by golly, it’s your "golden"
wedding anniversary. Excuse me Mr. Holly, but if you sell one
million of these discs, you’ll get a “gold” record.

In the good old U.S of A. our government issues its paratroopers
and secret agents Escape and Evasion kits in–yup, you got it–in
"gold". If our men get lost on hostile territories, they need a
means of obtaining funding in order to get back home. The
Atlantic E & E kits have a gold sovereign, two half sovereigns, a
Swiss twenty franc coin, and three gold rings. The Southeast Asia
E & E kit contains a gold chain, a gold pendant, two gold coins,
and a gold wrist watch. Don’t tell me gold isn’t important. It
ain’t only for jewelry folks…it’s for other things too. Of
course, most importantly, it is for jewelry too.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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