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[Tidbits] The Flower of Venus


The Flower of Venus
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In ancient Rome…the rose was known as the Flower of Venus and lent
itself ultimately as an instrument of worship represented by the
rosary. And this is only the beginning.

Loveliest of flowers…guarded by cruel thorns…the rose symbolized
both heavenly perfection and earthly passion…both fertility and
virginity. Voluptuous and sensual…the red rose was also known as
the flower of Aphrodite…goddess of love. The white rose…on the
other hand…was recognized as the flower of light…as innocence and
chastity. Red and white roses together represent the unification of
opposites. The Mystic Rose (a rose without thorns) symbolizes eternal
spring. Its center was the sun…it’s petals were the many harmonies
of nature.

Spanning the eons of time…from the beginnings of Neanderthal man to
the present modern jewelry cultures heralded by such famous–or
should I say infamous–jewelry firms as…for instance…Tyler-Adam,
Corp…the rose has ranked supreme as a motif of beauty and even more
beauty. I clearly lack the vocabulary needed to describe this
flower…or do justice to its elegance. But I do have a graphic to
show you…a graphic in fact that has…as an additional dimension…
the enhanced quality of being for sale by yours truly…Moi…a.k.a.
Benjamin Mark.

So powerful is and was the symbol of the rose that Rose Windows in
Gothic cathedrals all faced west…the direction of the matriarchal
paradise. At Chartres…famous for its Cathedral of Notre Dame…a
window known as the Rose of France showed “in its center the Virgin in
her majesty…”

In India the Great Mother was first addressed as Holy Rose. The
eastern World Tree was a rose-tree…a female Tree of Life and
Immortality. In central Asia…the Rose Tree was called Woman,
Wellspring, and Milk. Moguls knew the Rose Tree as Zambu…the Mother
Tree whose fruits feed the gods.

There was once a Pagan dance which you all know called The Rose. The
ritual of this dance was so vital to the cultural times…that it
could not be suppressed. With the dance…as the participants joined
in a circle and held hands…whirling around and around…they chanted
a little ditty…know in English as Ring-Around-A-Rosie. “A pocket
full of poses”–for those of you interested–referred to the cave of
flowers…symbol of an underground Fairyland. “They all fall down”…
referred to death…and the end of the fertility season.

Well folks…there it is. The Rose…a flower to be reckoned with. If
you all go to my home page, and scroll down the table menu till you
get to Tidbits Graphics…click on Flower of Venus and you will see a
Rose which Tyler-Adam Corp. will make available to the public before
the next issue of Tidbits comes out.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark