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[Tidbits] The Dragon Wore Nail Polish

The Dragon Wore Nail Polish

Well…there it is folks. Puff-the-magic-dragon needs to yield
to that fey monster in red which, for the sake of this issue, I
shall name “Yech”.

Yech was born in the mid-fifties at a time when the middle class
woman of middle America, unable to afford the real
thing–whatever that means–needed something with a little
pizzazz to wear on her bosom.

And so…the world of the unadventurous and the unremarkable and
the mundane rose to prominence. I digress here for a moment
folks. I scanned this dragon for all of you to see, and though my
source describes it as contemporary and unadventurous…I tend to
disagree. I think it took a lot of “chutzpa” to create this item.
One had to be bold, and uncaring, and adventurous as hell to put
something like this out on the market. For those of you who don’t
know what chutzpa mean…I put this forth to you. In Yiddish, it
means gall, and effrontery, and presumption plus arrogance. The
best example of chutzpa I ever read was where one man was
beating up another, and while he was beating the man up, he was
yelling, help …help! Now that’s chutzpa. That said…I

The mid-fifties was a time when the great names in fashion
stepped forth to create their contributions to the costume
jewelry styles of the day. The competition was fierce. If they
couldn’t sell it by designs, they started to sell it with fine
packaging and sharp advertizing. Anyone out there remember the
poppet beads of the early fifties? A cheap plastic doo-dad to
wear around the neck that became the rage from the moment of its
introduction to the mass market. They were, in fact,
representative of the first cheap costume jewelry of the day.

Around the same time Yech was born, so were born ankle
bracelets, and those bone-crunching charm bracelets. The charm
bracelet of that day, by the way, was also known as the
"democratic accessory", probably because Mamie Eisenhower–our
then First Lady–wore one.

So…now that you have a small history of the time, I hold you
in suspense no longer…but rather urge you to hasten to my home
page, and scroll down the table menu…till you see Tidbits
Graphics. There you will have the opportunity to meet Yech.
Simply click on his name.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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