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[Tidbits] The Deadly One

Also known as The Smiter and He of the Piercing Eye and He of the
Evil Eye. He was the king of the Fomorians. He was a supernatural
being. He is described as a giant with a large eye in the middle of
his forehead that wreaks havoc when it is opened. He is the very
essence of drought and blight. My advice: You neither want to cross
him or even cross paths with him. He is not a nice guy. As to why
anyone would want to make a gold pendant with a ruby eye in his
likeness. I can only surmise that the dude that would do such a thing
is one sick puppy. As it happens. I know the old chap.

His name is Balor and he is rather fond of inflicting destruction
upon thems what cross his path. Hey. We all gotta have our hobbies, I
always say. Live and let destruct is my motto. Wonder where we could
send this guy where he would do the most good. Any ideas anyone? I
eagerly await suggestions on this one.

His is a poisonous eye that no army can withstand. The eyelid is so
heavy that it takes four men to lift it. which of course begs the a
show of hands. who amongst you wants to climb upon Balor’s face and
lift his lid so we can ascertain how heavy it really is. Oh. Take me.
No. Take me. And me. And me. Sheesh. What a bunch of dolts.

And then one day a prophecy came down the pike. Balor heard that it
would be his grandson that would kill him. So Balor took his only
daughter and locked her in a tower. I digress. Balor was huge. He was
ugly. He was mean. He probably had bad breath… though I could find
no attestation to this fact. So how did a guy like that find a woman
who would marry him let alone bear his child? The answer of course.
is quite simple. What woman who lived within talking distance of
Balor would dare say no? Things weren’t like they are today. She
couldn’t just call a cop and take him to court and get a restraining
order. Heck. He’d just as soon look at her and flame her than take
that kind of guff. and she knew it.

I don’t want to drag this out. I know you’re all chomping at the bit
to see that guy of the pendant with the ruby red eye. But first. a
digression. Who out there is it that you all know that could probably
whip Balor’s derriere if it came to a one-on-one. C’mon c’mon. You
know. Okay. You. Who is it? Bravo. Bixie it is. You do all remember
Bixie. do you not?

To bring this to a close. it was a magical cow of abundance that done
old One-Eye in. Long story and too detailed. Suffice it to say that
Balor’s daughter eventually had sex-as women are often wont to
do–and gave birth to the boy that killed his grandpa. Still …
Balor is an impressive sight. A mighty chunk of a manly gold pendant
with a ruby eye that to this day inflicts terror upon all who gaze
upon him.

So. Who wants to see? Hmmm? Okay. So then go. You know where. Home
page. Scroll down. Left side. Tidbits.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

Reminds me of a guy I used to date:-) -Jo

Ah, the great Ray Harryhausen.