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[Tidbits] The Coupling of Frey and Gerd... in Gold

Hlidskialf… the throne of Odin which gave him the ability to see
everything and hear everything that went on in the world. No one but
Odin was allowed to sit in this seat. Alas… one day… as is often
wont to happen… Odin was preoccupied with other worldly things…
and the throne was left unattended.

Frey… son of Njord… god of winds and seas… was considered
quite handsome and was also the god of fertility and the lord of
sunshine. I am going to guess that this means that he liked to
diddle his way around the realm ready to give the pocket-rocket to
whatever randy maiden was at hand.

On this day when Odin was out doing godly deeds… Frey clambered
atop Hlidskialf and looked around and… there… in the distance…
a luscious giantess by the name of Gerd emerged from her father’s
castle. Frey was struck by lust. She was the Frost Giant. He had to
have her. As an aside… there are figurines about which depict Frey
with phallus-at-the-ready stances. He was an amorous dude as gods

Alas… as giantesses go… co-mingling was frowned upon in Asgard
(capital city of the Norse Gods). What was Frey to do? His loins
ached as loins often do among both gods and mortals alike. He could
not eat. He could not sleep. But then… as gods and men have done
from the beginning of time… Frey decided to swap some prized
possessions in order to get his message of yearning to Gerd.

At first she wanted nothing to do with him. But there were pleas.
And then admonishments. And threats. Marry Frey or else…
banishment… loneliness… isolation… removal from the company of
all living things… transportation to the edge of the world. It was
too horrible to even contemplate. And so Gerd relented. Love may
well conquer all… but when that fails… threats are best.

And she met Frey in a barren forest… and they married… and
coupled themselves to frenzied exhaustion. And the forest bloomed
and became fecund. I may be extrapolating a bit here… but I just
don’t think gods and giantesses dance the horizontal mambo in placid
and quiet fashions.

And then… one day… a jeweler came along… and immortalized the
joining of these two by embossing their images on three gold foils
which was placed upon amulets which were henceforth used in ancient
Norse fertility rites.

So… all that said… by a show of hands… who out there wants to
see some ancient gold foils depicting the sexual machinations of the
gods? This is jewelry at its finest folks.

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our pages… gold foil used to form amulets of Frey and Gerd doing
their thang.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark