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[Tidbits] The Beautiful Ugly Monstrous Lion

His teeth drip as he clamps down upon her mortal wrist. He will have
her after the day closes. He will sire with her this very night a
human son whom he will then teach the art of hunting and spell-
binding. His son will have the ability to change from human to lion
and then back to human again. Like his father … he will be loved
by women and feared by men. The lion clamps down harder upon the
woman’s wrist. He is more than an African legend. He is a diamond
studded, 14 karat yellow gold bangle. He is Beautiful. He is Ugly.
He is Monstrous.

It is a Victorian era piece of jewelry. No date of fabrication given.
No artist’s name to give credit to. No manufacturer listed to whom
one might pay homage. And yet … does it matter? Better perhaps that
it all be unknown … allowing purity of vision without influence of
name. This critter’s a stunner. Do we need more?

Legends of lions abound. Lilith the Demoness stands upon the backs of
two lions. Her purpose is unclear. In alchemy the red
lion–sulphur–is the male principle. Leonine or Lion-Hearted
suggests power and courage and strength. Conversely … the lion
also represents cruelty and ferociousness and war.

It ain’t no simple animal that rests upon this woman’s wrist. He’s a
complex being. He’s the eighth card of the Tarot Major Arcana. He was
companion to Artemis and Dionysus and the Gorgons. He is a cape after
he is slain by Hercules who then wears his skin over his shoulder.

Ladees and gennulmen … I will not bore you with mythological
bushwah. I will show you one and all that beauty is monstrous and
monstrous is beauty.

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark