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[Tidbits] The Amazing Psychedelic Technicolor Black Brooch

His name is Peter Chang and he was born in 1944 and he is a jeweler
who has had more than a bit of brilliance imbued into his soul by
the Great Imbuer of the plains who–it is said–resides a few miles
north by northwest of the Pecos. This has not been verified.

But it is a bit of a geographical dichotomy because Peter Chang was
born and raised in Liverpool. Life is filled with mysteries. His
mother was British and his father was Chinese and they lived in a
Chinese community. And it is there that–as he grew–upon reaching
the sage old age of 13 years he began attending the Liverpool
Secondary School of Art. As time passed he got degrees in graphic
design and sculpture and worked for a while in Paris as a printmaker.
These skills bode him well in future endeavors.

He began producing jewelry in 1984 at 40 years of age after having
first become a furniture maker and a garden designer. Some of us in
this business have trodden strange and circuitous paths before having
arrived at the exalted positions which we now occupy. Who amongst us
would dispute this fact?

In his early jewelry days ol’ Petey made his jewelry from recycled
materials and found objects. Today he has progressed some. and now
uses disposable plastics from everyday life. His work is both
effusive and uninhibitedly enthusiastic. His colors are dazzling. Mr.
Chang attributes his Chinese background as the seminal source of his
creativity. He gleans his inspirations from marine life as well as
from alien life forms. such as those that might be found on those
other planets where perhaps the great art colonies reside. His work
has a surreal quality about it.

The fact of it is that he uses plastic. he uses acrylic. he usesPVC
to create his clothes and furniture. His influence is nature. His
jewelry has been exhibited in both Europe and North America. His work
has been purchased by museums world wide. amongst them the Victoria
and Albert Museum located in London and the Smithsonian
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, located in New York, as well
as the National Museums of Scotland and Edinburgh among others.

His work as been seen in Paris, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague,
Venice, Japan, Montreal, South Korea, Philadelphia, Boston, New
York, San Francisco and all across the United Kingdom. Hey. the kid
ain’t no slouch. He was a joint winner of the Jerwood Prize for
Applied Arts. He received the Creative Scotland Award from the
Scottish Arts Council. And he won the Herbert Hofmann Preis in

Which brings us via an astounding and convoluted segue to the
Amazing Psychedelic Technicolor Black Brooch. The elements are fixed
to an inner wooden core. Petey used various plastic elements to
create his Boidie Beastie for some sort of Boidie it is indeed.
Lacquer and polish finish the piece. The result is an extremely
refined and elegant work of art.

But here’s the kicker folks. Let us agree that it is undisputedly a
bird. But what kind of bird. therein lies the conundrum. Is it a
nine-legged stork of some sort. Is there such a thing as a nine
legged stork? And what are those blue thingies on its breast.
Buttons. Do storks have buttons to hold the diapers together when
they deliver their bundles of joy? Do they have safety pins tucked
elsewhere? And is this where they store these buttons when emerging
moments of need arise? Who knows the answers to these things?

Or perhaps it is an extraterrestrial being dressed in black
coattails… . roaming the earth readying itself for the great
apocalypse which will one day befall us. Puzzlements abound
everywhere. I ask again. who has the answers? You? Or you? Or you?

Okay. You know the rest. The visit to the image. also known as the
viewing experience. You know where. Home page. Scroll down. Left side. [Tidbits]. Click.
And there for your sensory optic pleasure you will see The Amazing
Psychedelic Technicolor Black Brooch. presented here for your

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark

Love it, whatever it is. I have always marveled and puzzled over his