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[Tidbits] Suckling Tut and Urthekau


If a suckling Tut suckles on a teat is he a teat-sucker? Better yet.
do you know why they call a suckling pig a suckling pig. I shall
answer the second first and the first second. So first. the second.

The reason they call it a suckling pig is that when a pig is two to
six weeks old. it is slaughtered during that time while it is still
suckling. Quaint. eh whot? The meat is tender. the skin is crisp. and
it makes for most tasty morsel.

And now. secondly… the first. The answer is yes. However. it all
gets a bit more detailed as this first part relates directly to
jewelry. I digress for a slight instant to let those of you who have
not yet noticed that I am on a bit of an Egytpian bent. Bear with me.
This too shall pass. And now. the Suckling Tut and Urthekau.

She was a deity of great powers often depticted as a protectress of
the deceased against the trip to the underworld upon which they were
about to embark. In direct dichotomy. she was also credited as one
who protected nursing mothers. You’ve seen her I’m sure. She was often
shown wearing the symbol of the sun disc on her head with a cobra on
her brow. She often acted as wet-nurse for the pharaohs. This often
led to the belief with when the current pharaoh’s wife (the queen)
gave birth to the next in line. she became a goddess nursing her young

Urthekau means Great Magician and she is also known as She Who Is
Rich In Magic. Who better then. I ask you with all due humility. who
better then than she to nurse the young Tut when he emerged from
whence he commenced?

And what better tribute to young Tut and Urthekau than to create them
together as a golden amulet. he suckling upon her lustrously yellowed
teat. she kneeling upon her serpentine extremities in order to
accomodate his height. Holding the amulet up as well as surrounding
her neck and being entwinded about the baby Tut’s feet. are beautiful
multi-colored beads for which no description is given.

I clearly have a tome which is rich in imagery and weak on
description. Perfection is not an easy thing to achieve. Unless of
course we speak of the skills of the goldsmiths of those days long
past. They did not work for money. They worked in order to pay homage
where homage was due. They were reverential in their creations. and
it showed. I know I know. I’m extrapolating. I said he said she said.
I think she thinks he thinks. How do I know? I know because I know.
that’s how I know. And how did you come to that. Well shucks buddy. I
extrapolated. Don’t we all? So then. with this less–or more–than
meager introduction. I invite you one and all to view Suckling Tut
with his wet-nurse Urthekau in a dazzling engraved gold amulet. For
those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits. may I direct
you to my home page at where you will
scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that says
Current Tidbits. Click on it and you will see represented on our pages
the amulet of which I speak.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark


Mysticism and jewelry are irrevocably linked. We want to express the
divine, and jewelry is a common way to do that.

You/We tap into something special when we create. It can be a
channel to something beyond ourselves. Another voice speaks through