[Tidbits] Shoes worth =A31 million

I think that’s a little over $1.6 million U.S. folks … and that’s
a lot of moolah for a pair of shoes.

Today … I bring you news of the day. Some of you may have already
read this in your favorite news medium source. This is
for thems of you wot has not. In Harrods in London … a pair of red
shoes inspired by Dorothy’s ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz … a
pair of what is easily the most expensive pair of shoes in the world
today … has gone on sale.

These ain’t no mundane leather shoes to be worn with a red dress
folks. These shoes are made of platinum thread and have 642 rubies
set in them. Now I’m a diamond setter by trade … and in my youth
the strangest thing I ever did set was a diamond in a false tooth
presented to me one day quite some years ago by a chap who wanted
the flashiest smile in the East. Never did shoes though. After I set
the stone and after the dentist installed the tooth the fellow came
back to me grinning and grinning in the happiest fashion to show me
the magnificent results of my handiwork. If my memory serves … the
stone was in the eye-tooth and quite visible to one and all. How did
he keep that diamond clean, I wonder? Did he dip his mouth into an
ultra-sonic machine and set the thing going for twenty seconds or
so? Ye gads!

But I digress. Back to Harrods. These ruby shoes-- presently on
sale–are resting in comfort and safety on display in a bullet-proof
case for all to see … and are under 24 hour surveillance by a
security guard.

There is … in addition to their enormous worth … a slight
restrictive parameter. They come in only one size … and that’s a
three and a half. That’s for a ten year old child me lads and
lassies. Not only that … but they’re stilettos four-and-a-half
inches high. This means that when little Wendy or Suzie or Mary-Ann
goes to her next pre-teen bash and all her friends are rockin’ and
boppin’ to the music of the day in jeans and sneakers and some sort
of a loose top … our little hunny bunny is going to be lip-sticked
to the hilt with bright red lips … rosy rosy rouge … eye-liner
and eye- shadow and frosted hair with a one strap dress to kill over
her as yet not fully mature body … and a pair of $1.6 million
dollar ruby shoes with four-and-a-half inch heals which will allow
her to tower over the nearest boy while probably teetering and
tottering on the very brink of a catastrophic collapse. Anyway …
that’s my vision. I would welcome an E-mail with your vision should
you all see it differently.

All that said however … I must defend the shoes and laud the
praises of Harrow’s and the designer … a Mister Stuart Weitzman
… for once the shoes are sold … several children’s charities
will receive 100, 000 pounds sterling each … and I can not think
of a finer gesture in life.

Ah … for those of you who yearn for a pair of these shoes but are
living on limited budgets … for you who do not want to be left out
of the mainstream of high fashion … for you there are cheaper
copies available … made with crystals instead of rubies … which
can be had for a mere =A3250.

So there it is … another tale of a magical slipper … not made of
glass this time … but rather of rubies and platinum.

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be proud to have called his own creation. They’re truly quite
attractive and admirable in their workmanship.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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