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[Tidbits] She Was Second Only To Brando

The actual statement by Lee Strasberg–her acting teacher–was that
he once claimed that of all his acting students, she was the one who
stood out above all the rest, second only to Marlon Brando. Not bad
for an actress many considered to be a ditz-head.

She was a Pentacostal till the age of 30 and then–in 1956–she
converted to Judaism. Many did not think she was a great actress
precluding the fact that she won a Golden Glove for Best Actress in
1960 and two Golden Globes for World Film Favorite Female in 1953 and
1962. Her original name was Ms. Mortenson.

Her mother was mentally unstable and she therefore ended up spending
much of her childhood in foster homes. As an icon she became
instantly recognizable the world over. and more than one jewelry
company has made images in her likeness. The one I have is a pin made
of painted ceramic with a rhinestone chain. Her heavily lashed
bedroom eyes beckon like sirens of old. Beware ye sailors who venture
out on your ships of passion onto the sea of love. lest you become
captivated and irreversibly entranced.

She died young. our Ms. Mortenson. A retired CIA agent by the name of
Normand Hodges confessed on his deathbed to having assassinated her.
They say the confession turned out to be untrue? But was it? Does
anyone out there yet know who this lass is? Speak up y’all. Be bold.
To the daring go the spoils.

Some of the behavioral problems she suffered in adulthood were sleep
disturbances, substance abuse, disturbed interpersonal relationships,
and hyper-sexuality. Her first marriage was to a chap named Jim which
was a liaison born of pity for this would prevent her from going back
to an orphanage or foster care. I believe she was around 17 years old
and had not yet reached the age of consent. Okay. Now. Anybody?

Her life was thick with fame and her quest for film stardom may well
be traced back to a father she barely knew who had a thin mustache
and somewhat resembled Clark Gable. She often amused herself by
pretending she was his daughter. Her original and ultimate first and
middle and last names–I’m giving it away now folks-were Norma Jean
Baker. And though her hair was brown, she dyed it blonde partly in an
effort to please the modeling agency to which she was applying for a
job. and party in tribute to Jean Harlow whom she admired.

Now I know you know it’s Marilyn Monroe. A dynamic force in her day.
A good actress. A sex symbol. And a beauty. She mingled with the
elite. and then sadly died at a very young age. But her image is kept
alive in the world of jewelry. for there jewelry icons in her image.
I have a picture of the one I described above. Though a bit
caricature-ish. the likeness is captivating.

Oh yeah. One more thing. Let me know at which point you knew it was
her. No lying now. I’ll know if you are.

So. you know the rest. The visit to the image. also known as the
viewing experience. You know where to go. Home page. Scroll down. Left side. [Tidbits]. Click.
And there for your exploratory pleasure will be a picture of Marilyn
the sex-pot. the beauty. the talented actress second only to Marlon
Brando. What a tribute.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

I suspected on acting coach statement knew for sure on this She was
a Pentacostal till the age of 30 and then–in 1956–she converted to
Judaism and rest in peace.