[Tidbits] Scorpion Jewelry

Quick note: Below are alternate versions (not mine) I have come
across of mythological tales. They suit this article so I use them.
For those avid readers of Bullfinch or Graves or Hamilton or others
… forgive these trespasses.

Tiamat … the gigantic Babylonian Dragon representing Chaos and
salt water and whose sons were the Scorpion Men–giant warriors who
were men from the waist up but scorpions from the waist down and who
fought with both their tails and with bows and arrows in order to
protect the sun god Shamach … unites with Apsu–she who represents
sweet water–so that she may ultimately give birth to Gods and to

Egyptian born Selket–daughter of Ra–is associated with the
Scorpion. The beastie graces her crown and may therefor well be the
first piece of significant Scorpion jewelry ever made.

Isis gives birth. She names her son Horus. She wants him to grow up
strong. She does what any mother in her right mind would do. She
takes him to the desert and exposes him repeatedly to scorpion
stings. Quaint … wouldn’t you think? Was it Nietzche who said:
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

A saint is bathing in a river. A scorpion is struggling near him …
fighting the current for its life. The saint … as saints are wont
to do … cups his hand under the scorpion and lifts him out of the
water and begins to wend his way toward shore. The scorpion stings
him … and stings him again … and stings him again. The saint is
smiling. Once on shore … the scorpion scurries off and the saint’s
disciples–watching the saint in pain while still smiling --question
him as to why he bothered to save the life of such a wretched
creature. Ah, said the saint. The scorpion is only following his
nature which is to sting … as I am following the nature of a saint
… which is to save its life. Everything is in its proper place.

As I review this last little ditty which exemplifies Dharma (nature)
… I wonder in which way this ties in with jewelry? After all …
the first few mythological snippets easily explain why a brooch …
or earrings … or rings or pendants or bracelets … would be made
representing that venomous cousin to the spider. But a tale of a
stinging creature … filled with malevolent poisons … should we
make jewelry of that? The answer my friends is: Yes. Of course? Why
not? Nothing is immune in the hands of the jeweler. An ant … a
snake … a scorpion … a dung beetle … they’re all fodder for
the artist of note.

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And there ya have it.
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Benjamin Mark

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