[Tidbits] Ruach

A hot wind blows across the desert. Bombs plummet to the earth with
deadly force. A sculptor hunches over his work. In his mind… an
image of an ice-cold being breathing fire onto the desert. He is
working with rock crystal and 18 karat yellow gold.

We travel–encapsulated in time and space where all things are
possible–directly from our world into the synaptic mind of the
artist. We have no boundries. We are disembodied. Minds without
substance. We are privy–for this one time–to view–in the unique
perspective of spectator–the intricate machinations of the creative

He… the artist… the sculptor of the highest order… goes by the
name of David Hensel. He is formulating his thoughts. They are
random. Snippets of the mind… wandering… colliding… forming
ideas. This scultpure will be a response of sorts… emmanating from
his soul… to the U.S. bombardments in the Middle East. Yes. It is
there… waiting with patience for birth. A solid being… ice-cold
… breathing fire onto the desert. Ruach–a Hebrew word with many
meanings: Breath… Wind… Air… Soul… mind… and more. The
Spirit of God will be the name of the creation. It’s origins… who
knows… perhaps Genesis… where the spirit of God moved over the
surface of the water.

So listen. Have you ever seen David Hensel’s work? Not to be
believed. Drop-dead knock-out gorgeous. None of this take a bucket of
paint and splash it against a canvass and then sell the drippy
splotch for a hundred grand. Or sketch out a can of Campbell Soup and
be declared artist of the century. No shortcuts. No hiding behind
hype. No bullshit in fact. No explaining to a mouth- agape world that
art is crap and crap is art. All this… ladies and gennulmen… my
opinion only. Who was it… I’m not sure… Einstein perhaps… that
said something to the effect that the ultimate of ego is one able to
express modesty… for only the most talented and self-assured have
the ability to wear that mantle. Hensel’s work speaks of this sort of

So there it is. A tribute to a man I’ve never met… with whom I
communicate once every two or three years… whose work I discovered
some time ago while looking for somthing for Tidbits… and who I
rivisit every once in a while to see what’s come out of his mind.
Increbile folks. Go. Go look. See. Absorb. Breathe in. You ain’t
gonna see another one like him again for some time

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark