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[Tidbits] Ring of Power


You ever wonder how come it was that whenever the Vikings raped and
killed and plundered and decimated and cheated at blackjack and craps
in Vegas they got away with it? Hmm?

Yeah. Well. It happens that I know. Not only do I know… but out of
the extreme generosity of my benevolent nature … I’m going to share
this knowledge with you. It has to do with a ring. which I am able to
duplicate for thems of you what wants one. and if you ask me real
real nice. I will throw in a little bestowing of magical properties.

So here’s how it worked. To the Vikings the ring was a strong symbol
of power and fame and fortune as well as being able to aid its wearer
in attaining the lofty achievements of corruption and greed.
Odin–supreme god of war and poetry and knowledge and wisdom as
well–I hear–as well as being a pretty good diamond setter … had a
ring which he named Draupnir. Very few knew about the diamond-setting
part. He tended to keep that a secret. sharing with only a very few
select and privileged folks.

Lest there are thems amongst you who wouldst ponder the inanity of
naming a a ring in the first place. allow me to enlighten you to one
of many facets of this ring. You know how it is with women and the
fact that it takes nine months from conception to giving birth? Well.
Draupnir had a similar propensity. Instead of nine months. ol’ Draup
did it in nine days. Yessirree Babaloo. Every nine days Draup dripped
eight gold rings which were clones of itself.

No midwives here folks. No quick screaming trips through rush-hour
traffic to get Draup to the hospital. Nope. Draup just dripped and
dropped its little ringlets wherever it happed to be at the moment.
No shame. No pain. Plip plop. another drop.

These were the rings of heroes. They were emblems of abundance.
Imaging the degree of wealth which could be consolidated if you owed
a gold ring which could plop out eight copies of itself every ninth
day. Heck. You could give up that Chevy and get a Maserati. or a
Lamborghini… or an Aston Martin.

In the old days. before I came around. a dwarf named Sindri crafted
Draupnir while his brother Brokk pumped the bellows. Besides bringing
Odin extravagant wealth… Draupnir also brought fecundity to a land
enveloped in winter bleakness.

Wanna be more fertile. get a Draupnir. Want a Draupnir … ya gotta
ask nice.

So. Who wants to see Draupnir? You know where.
Scroll down. Left side. Tidbits. Click.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark


Another masterful manipulation of the language for your minions.
Benjamin, you are amazing! I hope you live to be at least 100 and
continue to share you wit and wisdom every week with those who follow
and enjoy your tidbits.

Blessings, Mary



To the Vikings the ring was a strong symbol of power and fame and
fortune interesting point.

A past, now deceased, client of mine, a retired very successful
businessman, told me I should charge more for rings.

For the same work and cost as pendants or earrings etc.

“They are more powerful, than other types of jewellery. Women prefer
them as gifts as well.”

This elderly gentleman certainly had a number of lady friends and
bought many rings from me. He always knew the ring size and type of
stone needed. He knew how to grow old “disgracefully”!

He also bought rings for himself.

So I put my ring prices up and good sales continued. Tried to put up
my earring and pendant prices a no go.

Very interesting. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact I
prefer to make rings? Or that rings are regarded as symbols of power
and romance.

Rings are the first pieces most ladies look at in my displays, be it
a simple $25 silver band or a $2,000 18 kt and sapphire.

Also my rings are made for fascination.

Has JRR, Lord of the RIngs(ed) us or is it entrenched in Humanity?

The joke for me is that although my passion is to make jewellery,
especially rings I do not wear any.

It just annoys me. LOL.

Except for a pendant I wear on ‘special occasions’ it has iustitia et
clementia (justice and clemency) around the rim. It is a
"Gate/Celtic" cross cut from a Maria Teresa Thaler.



/Good one Mark. Now tells us in your wonderful style about Freya’s


Hi Richard,

The Vikings were a funny group of nationalities.

Some things they attributed with “luck”, and magic items were more
about craftsmanship as opposed to sorcery.

Snakes were considered lucky, and snakes have been found inside
Viking pendants. A magic suit of armour was a well crafted item that
was proof against the weapons of the time.

Magic was something that was practical.

Vikings used “hack silver” as a form of currency, included in this
currency was small charms, and bracelets (too small for a normal
person to wear).

A ring being a symbol of power can be attributed to royal seals,
where major decisions, life and death can be determined by pressing a
ring into wax.

A ring is perceived to be more valuable due to it’s significance e.
g. wedding rings, Papal rings (wouldn’t you like to get that gig?).

The “One Ring” has increased sales of replica “One Rings”, but I’m
not sure if it has increased sales of other rings.

The only real way to tell is to conduct a survey about rings.

Regards Charles A.