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[Tidbits] Pig Nut in a Tux

Also known as monkey nuts, pigmy nuts, ground nuts, goober peas,
earthnuts, and last but not least. are you ready?.. Peanuts!
Ta-dumm. Who woulda thunk it? And so. that said. who is the most
famous bejeweled character in the world? Hmm? Did I hear anybody say
Mr. Peanut? So there he is. the advertising logo of Planters … that
anthropomorphic peanut. all dressed in the formal clothing of a dandy
of old with top-hat and monocle and white gloves and all the rest.

You all know him. Question is. do any of you know his real name? Let
me introduce you. Ladies and gentlemen … may I present: Mr.
Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe. Quite fitting to his attire.
wouldn’t you say? And then. in 2010–not too long ago–Mr. Peanut was
given a voice. supplied by none other than Robert Downey Jr.

Bartholomew has appeared in one way or another on quite a few TV
shows. He was in Friends, The Office, American Dad, The Simpsons,
Seinfeld, Frasier, and many more. And to top it all off. Mr. Peanut
is not a nut at all. but rather a member of the legume or bean
family. While many of you may think this has nothing to do with
jewelry. those of you who know me know that in the end jewelry will

To continue our education in useless trivia donated gratis in the
spirit of amusement and light education, I pour forth these
addendums. They are for eating. They are for making solvents and
oils. They are used in medicines, in textile materials, and in peanut
butter. They can be eaten fried, allowing the ingestion of both nut
and shell. They are also used in the making of cosmetics,
nitroglycerin, plastics, dyes, and paints. If you don’t like the
color on your wall, break off a piece of sheet rock and eat it. Not
only are the peanuts good for you. they are associated but not proven
to cause a reduction of cardiovascular disease.

Have a pain in your chest? Eat a peanut. Wheels on your bike
squeaking. Squirt with peanut oil and join the marathon. Rouge
fading. Rub with peanuts. Having trouble flying. rub shoulders with
essence of powdered peanut and you’ll sprout wings within four hours.

And then of course. last but not least. going out for the evening.
armed to the teeth with useless knowledge which will make you the hit
of the party but with nothing exciting to pin upon your elegant black
dress. who comes to the rescue. oh mais oui. it is Mr. Bartholomew
Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe aka Mr. Peanut … dressed in green
Swarovski crystal with Top Hat and Specks and all. He’s worth about a
thousand bucks or so … and he’s a charmer.

So. after all that. wanna see? You know where. Home

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark


Agreed. He is a charmer! And so is your vocabulary.

Blessings, MA