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[Tidbits] Pierced Ears

How does that old saying go? They don’t know their pierced ears from
holes in the walls? Well… something like that. But here’s the thing
of it… when it comes to pierced ears… the occidentals truly do
not know their lobes from their holes in the walls.

You’re at a party. You’re tired of the mundane chic element that
pervades the pseudo elite that attend these things. You want to show
them a thing or two about a thing or two. You ponder as to just what
it would take to strike the senses… to knock them off their
snobbish perches? Earrings? Yes. But that and more. And so you hunt
and find a pair. Gorgeous beyond belief… with only one little
drawback. They won’t fit into the tiny holes created by the
ear-piercing guy.

You do some research as to just what it would take to enlarge those
holes a tad. And you find the answer. And here it is.

You learn that in certain parts of the world a woman’s wealth and
power was conspicuously visible and in direct proportion to the size
of her earrings and her beauty was enhanced by the size of her
elongated ear lobes. Size… I tend to think… crosses all
delimitations… no?

So here’s how it was done. When they are young the lobes are "bored"
through and the holes then gradually stretched daily by placing items
of larger and larger dimensions in order to achieve ultimate beauty.
The ideal size would be for the ear-lobe to hold a ring the size of a
small saucer. There is a story told of ultimate elegance in which a
woman had her lobes stretched to the point where another individual
would attempt to slip his hand and arm through the aperture. Ye gads
man… is there no end in one’s quest for seductive objectives?

And then you fall upon the technique. Leaves of palm are tightly
rolled into cylinders and inserted into the lobe-holes… gradually
increased in girth till the desired opening has been achieved to your
satisfaction. These leaves are moistened after insertion… the
wetness causing them to expand… speeding up the process in gradual
and gentle dilation. Sometimes sticks from the branches of the 'neem’
trees were also used as a natural anesthetic and antibiotic
properties of the tree also aided and facilitated the process. Often
this was all begun when the girl was only a few days old… but if
the spirit is willing … age should be no boundary I always say.

The practice crossed all social borders from the lower castes to the
highest princesses who… when running races in the royal gardens…
used to hold tightly on to the heavy ornaments dangling from their
ears lest the swinging ornamental weights should tear asunder the now
flimsy lobe filaments.

So… you want to stand out at that party? Hmm? Then go. You know how
now. Stretch those little lobettes and make them the size that
justifies your position in life. And if some guy comes along and
leans over and whispers in your now enhanced ear… and asks you to
take off your earring… he wants to slip his arm through your
lobe… what the hell… let him I say… and give him the pleasure he
so earnestly yearns for.

Now… how many of you want to see an enhanced ear lobe and the
earrings that will eventually be placed into both ears? Go look. And
if you decide to trek down that precipitous road… please send me
before and after pictures. I would find it fascinating.

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
direct you to my home page at where you
will scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that
says Current Tidbits. Click it… and you will see represented on our
pages… a gigantic pair of earrings that will fit into a gigantic
pair of ear lobes.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

For what its worth, one needs to be somewhat more practical than
rolled up palm leaves in todays world.

Body piecing jewellery, (I use that phrase in contempt, as most
body jewellery is crap.,) starts usually with a small hole made with a
sterile hypodermic needle. then when healed a larger dia metal ring
is forced through to make the hole larger. All very crude as well as
painful. I had a request to look at this problem by a body piercing
operative aquaintance, and I came up with the following. Using PURE
titanium wire in various thicknesses, I tapered the wire, polished
it, and formed it into 1in circles with overlapping sizes working
from 1/16th in dia up to 1/4in…

Using small O rings in non allergic silicone, one eased the taper on
a little every other day backed up with the o ring. stretching
achieved gradually, painlessly and safely. They look lovely as well
in oxidised blue. Still make them for him.

My ear lobes are stretched to 1 1/2 inches :slight_smile:

They also used to be a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment, if you
look at statues of Buddha, he has enlarged lobes (usually refered to
as gauged lobes)

I make a sizable part of my living from making titanium jewelry to
fit such holes. But have also made pieces in gold and platinum, since
it seems no one else does.