[Tidbits] Perfection and Passion

Ah… it is the rose… representative of both heavenly perfection
and Earthy passion. Born from hemoglobin some say. Grown from the
blood from Venus’s foot as she pursued Adonis from the dead. Roses…
for thems wot don’t know these things… were once all white. And
then… as Persian legend has it… a bird flew by one day … surely
drawn by the sweet scent… and pierced its breast upon a thorn as it
drew too close… thereby drawing blood… which dripped upon the
rose causing it to turn red.

Romans used roses to make wine. In Scandinavia roses were protected
by fairies and dwarfs. Bacchus and Cupid are often depicted wearing
rose wreaths… as well as is Hymen… male Greek god of weddings. So
if he was a male god… why is it I wonder… that they attribute his
name to that which his name is attributed to? Life is filled with
strange mysteries. What will they say on my tombstone, I wonder. “Now
he knows it all.” Or perhaps: “Still looking.” Or my favorite: “Whew.
What a ride!”

Alas… should one die a virgin and hope perhaps that this dreaded
secret would never be communicated to a world that lacked compassion
and understanding as regarded one’s misfortunes… one would be up
the proverbial creek… for upon one’s grave would be planted bushes
of white roses for all to see… signifying that this soul lived an
uneventful life.

As to the communicative powers of roses… in Victorian times it was
well known that over forty different sentiments could be conveyed to
one’s true love by merely choosing different colors and varieties of
roses. For example: Hey honey. Meet me in the barn at the haystack at
midnight and don’t let your husband know you’re coming could be
easily conveyed by sending the recipient of the message a dozen
scarlet roses. And so it goes…

And then… lastly… there is the carved coral rose… enhanced by
leaves and a stem of sapphires and diamonds… created by Van Cleef
and Arpels… valued at roughly $11,500 back around 1990… which
conveyed the beauty and elegance of the highest craftsmanship… and
which conveyed to the recipient of this trinket that your boyfriend
went all out in the bucks department to make you happy so it wouldn’t
hurt to show a little appreciation.

So there it is. A rose is a rose unless it’s a message. Ya wanna see?

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark