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[Tidbits] Peacock--Jeweler--Car

Ya like dichotomy. I’m gonna give ya dichotomy.

I’ll start with the car because the topic here is so short and sweet
it’s ridikalous. I’m going to show you an automobile radiator
ornament. I do not know the make of the car it adorned. nor do I
know the year of the car…

nor do I know the country in which the car resided. And this ends
the car part of this Tidbits. Exciting so far. Noe

Which brings us to a Peacock’s head. It is the automobile radiator
ornament. It is made of light blue pressed glass.

The image is black and white but I tinted it slightly to give you a
view of what if might have looked like. The glass has a satin finish
with buffed highlights. It is impressed with the jeweler’s mark. It
was made in France during the twentieth century and it resides today
at the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of History and
Technology. It measures 9 inches high. An addendum: In lore. the
Peacock crosses the thresholds of Christianity, Roman mythology, and
Greek mythology. It is an emblem of the Chinese Ming dynasty. It
resided in Indian myth. And more. too numerous to mention here.

Our Jeweler: His talents were immeasurable. His skills are eminently
apparent in the elegance and detail of his modeling. His radiator
ornaments are magnificent demonstrations of his aptitudes. He was
born in Ay, Marne, in France … in 1860. He started drawing and
sketching at twelve years of age. As an aside. how did you folks
spend most of ce … in 1860. He started drawing and sketching at
twelve years of age. As an aside. how did you folks spend most of
your time when you were twelve years old? Hmmm? Sometimes one needs
to bring inordinate talent into perspective.

When he was fourteen he began working as an apprentice goldsmith.
Before he was thirty he was designing jewelry for Cartier and
Boucheron and others. In the '20’s he became noted for his work in
the Art Deco Style. And that’s dichotomy. He died in 1945. So. anyone
know who our jeweler–our automobile radiator ornament designer.

I am sure by know you have all guessed Rene Jules Lalique. an
automobile radiator ornament designer supreme. So the question
arises. perhaps a bit redundant. but does anyone out there want to
see the Peacock ornament? Of course you do.

So go. now… to my new home page at lower left side
of menu. click on Tidbits. and thar she’ll be.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next
week. Benjamin Mark

claps with delight

Thank you so much for this! Lalique’s work makes me weak in the