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[Tidbits] Pasargadae Earrings

Shh. Listen. The hordes are advancing. Quick quick. Mad dashes
abound. Hide that jewelry. But where? Think think. Someplace logical.
Under the mattress? No. Top shelf in the closet? No. In the drawer
under the panties? No. In the toilet bowl? In the toy room? Behind
the bookcase? No. No. No. They’re getting closer. Thundering
hoofbeats of the marauders get louder. Louder. Dust plumes rise in
billowing fury.

And then they’re here. And they ransack. And they search. But the
jewelry is gone. And everybody acts the innocent. Jewelry? Jewelry?
What jewelry. But to no avail. They are all killed. And the treasure
is hidden for eons to come.

Well. maybe it didn’t happen quite that way. But then how or why was
that treasure dating back to the 5th or 4th century discovered at
Pasargadae–capital of an ancient Persian city of the Achemenid
Empire under Cyrus the Great-- hidden in a water jar in the royal
garden. In a water jar? What? A mattress wasn’t good enough?

Ultimately. I do hope you all like tangential treks… ultimately
Pasargadae’s claim to fame is Cyrus’s tomb in which–it is said but
has never been verified–that The Great one empire, and was king of
Asia. Grudge me not therefore this monument." There is another
variation of this statement but it would be a tad redundant to enter
yet another quote which has never been verified. For those of you
with inquisitive minds I am sure the question arises: If no one
remembers seeing the quote. then how do they know what it said?

Ach du lieber. Why fret oneself over inane inanities? The more
important question is. what did they find in that jar of water?
Surely many items all covered with the goo and slime of centuries old
mucky liquid which no one but the devil’s own henchmen would use to
slake their thirst.

What they found. believe it or not. was the jewelry so hastily hidden
way back then in my fictional history. and amongst the doo-dads they
found was a pair of earrings. There were many other morsels of gold
workmanship. but I limit myself to one for now. Oh how stunning were
the works of way back then. Delicate wire mesh earrings such as we do
not see today. Pendant beads of lapis hanging from below. paled and
not easily discernible as such after all the times gone by. And then
little dangles swinging along horizontal bars signifying perhaps evil
omens. or house-wares. or I don’t know what.

Dear old Cyrus–king of kings–mightiest monarch the world had known
to date after his conquest of the Fertile Crescent… left many
beautiful things for us to discover before his fame was surpassed
some 200 years after his death by yet another great called Alexander.
Just a little something I thought I’d throw in. Persia today ain’t
what Persia once was.

Anyway. I end this here for this week. And I leave you to view a
rather gorgeous pair of earrings found in some rancid water after
eons of fermentation. Get ready to behold.

Ready? You are familiar with the rest. Yes? No? The visit to the
image. also known as the viewing experience. You know where. Home
page. Scroll down. Left side. Tidbits.
Click. And there for your sensory optic pleasure you will see a pair
of stunning earrings dating back to the time of Cyrus the Great

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark