[Tidbits] Of all the Fancy Colored Diamonds

Which is the rarest… and therefore the most expensive? Is it the
yellow… the blue… the green… the red…? For thems of you
which chose red… you are the winners by far. I shall give you some
insight. There is a diamond called The Hancock Red. It is considered
by some to be the most famous red diamond to have ever appeared at
auction. It is a brilliant cut stone and weighs 0.95 carats. It was
sold in 1987 for $926,000 per carat. This–dear souls-- ain’t hay in
any language.

For you technophiles… a group to which I have long been an avid
member dating back to my ham-radio days… I will give you some
details as to the causes that create this rare red species of
diamond. Cause number one (according to my source here): They do not
yet fully understand just what it is that creates this color.
Technology–my friends–lives on a very precarious ledge and can
clearly be as disappointing as it can be exhilarating. “They” think
the red is a result of structural features in the diamonds’ crystal
lattice combined with minute quantities of nitrogen. When “they”
give out they often have the singular ability of
elevating abstruseness to an art form.

Red diamonds are rarely a pure red… but rather come in modifying
hues ranging from browns to oranges to pinks and purples. However
… the stone I am going to show you has a GIA certificate stating
it to be a pure red color with no modifying hue. It is a rectangular
stone with cut corners and weighs in at 1.92 carats. It’s value is
not given… I suspect it to be more expensive even than a gallon of
gas in today’s market.

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark