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[Tidbits] Monster


Ssss … came the sibilant whisper of the bare-fanged monster. Come
come my little sweet … I will do you no harm. Closer so I may
touch your flesh. So soft so soft it is … yes yes. Closer more
closer. Do not be afraid. Let me lay my head on your arm. Let me
rest my drooling chin on your silken skin. Let me smell the
fragrance of your sugared breath. Let me feel the thumping of your
panicked heart. Yes yes my honeyed one. It’s been so long … so
long since I’ve had a maiden such as you. Yessss …

Circa … late 1890’s. Silver had come into vogue. It did not
replace gold. It was not relegated to the lower classes. Rather …
it was worn as summer jewelry. Chic accessories to adorn white-wear
which prevailed during the season. Status symbols of the wealthy who
did not wear gold in hot weather. It simply isn’t done…daahling.
And quite popular among those who knew whatever it is those who
know, know … were artifacts harkening back to ancient times when
mythological beasts ruled the planet.

The Unger Brothers of the late 1890’s were among those that led
American jewelers in the production of silver-tubed bangles which
aped the hoary world of yesteryear. They were in league similar to
that of Tiffany’s and Georg Jensen. Some of their ornamentations
brought back to life the stark reality of ancient demons. They
breathed spirit into the embodiment of their fiends. They put magic
on the wrists of Gatsbian society.

It was the start of the twentieth century. It was a time when art
prevailed and quality ruled over the flash- for-cash mentality of
today. It was a time when pride in one’s work held dominance over
the current credo of “get it out quick and damn the torpedoes.” Of
course it was also the beginning of the era of Al Capone and Pretty
Boy Floyd … and other members of the Five Points Gang of New
York’s lower East Side. But that’s another story … and has little
to do with jewelry … or does it? In any case … it’s for another

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

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