[Tidbits] Man in the Moon

There is so much written about the moon and the lunar cycles that
it’s hard to know where to begin. If you’re struck with unrequited
love… you tend to moon about. If she loves you back… and you get
married… why… you’re off on your honeymoon. And best of all… if
you’re mentally off center… you might be called by some a
lunatic… which is --of course–total lunacy.

How about a touch of etymology. Man, mania, memory, menstruation (a
lunar cyclical event), menopause, and mental all owe their derivative
to the moon.

The moon has been worshipped from prehistory onward. Dominating the
night sky… mother to her son the sun… she affects the tides of
the oceans as well as the tides of our bodies… so it is said and so
it is written. And though she governs the motion of the seas as well
as the timing of a woman’s ovulation… she is not always a she.

In Iran some 4500 years ago the moon was venerated as the Great
Man… able to take human form on Earth as a powerful king. Genghis
Khan traced his origins to a king whose mother was impregnated by a
moonbeam. The Maori of New Zealand held that the moon was husband to
all women… fertilizing and protecting them each and every one.

At one point in time the moon began to be seen as both a goddess and
as her own son and lover who died and was reborn every month. This
may seem to some to be a rather complex view… but then so is the
big bang theory which I’m still trying to come to terms with. (Out of
nothingness there was?) Still… to those who have trouble coming to
grips with these complexities … to you I say… just cuz you don’t
understand it that don’t mean it ain’t true.

In many folk tales girls are warned not to lay about in the
moonlight or they will become impregnated by the moon and give birth
to some sort of monsters. I have given some thought to this last
supposition… and I have looked at the world around me… especially
since 9/11… and I have concluded–after having looked at those who
were surely once children–that the moon must have had many a busy
night with young and feckless maidens.

And so… if the moon is male… and if he shows his face upon its
surface… perhaps it is to entice those hapless ladies into the
magic of his embrace. Who knows these things? Not I.

However… I do know this: I have an image of a cameo carved onyx
stickpin carved as a crescent man-in-the-moon looking at a star…
framed in 14 karat gold. It dates back to a time between the 1800’s
to the early 1900’s and is worth around $1900.00.

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man-in-the-moon stickpin. Hide this from the young maidens and don’t
let them see… for next thing you know they will be lying around in
the grass as the moon begins his climb across the eastern skies.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark