[Tidbits] Like Zapata

Ohiophagus Hannah.

Bhubaneswar, India
June 02, 2006

Flash! Read all about it. Bimbala Das falls in love with a snake. We
communicate in peculiar way, Das tells reporters. Das is 30. She has
decided to marry the cobra. It is to be a traditional Hindu wedding.
It is attended by 2000 people. Bimbala Das wears a silk saree. The
cobra–alas–is a bit shy and does not appear for the ceremony. A
brass replica of the groom stands in its place. Truth is stranger
than aliens copulating in free-fall in outer space, mutters a reader
of this story.

Ohiophagus hannah: King Cobra. A snake that eats other snakes.
Ohiophagus: A Latin word meaning “snake-eater”. King Cobra… the
longest venomous snake in the world… and the most feared.

Ancient Egypt: Cleopatra summons a servant. She wants an asp brought
to her. Asp: an Egyptian Cobra… a symbol of divine royalty. She
would allow it to bite her and she would become immortal. She made a
mistake. The moral: Don’t allow yourself to get bit in the asp… or
for that matter… by an asp.

Got a headache? No aspirin around? Wear a snakeskin around your head
… poof!.. headache gone. Another important bit of info… never
compare the length of a snake to the length of your arm or your arm
will immediately be covered with scales. I extrapolate. Never
compare the length of a snake with any part of your body you do not
want covered with scales.

Snakes never die before sundown. True folks. You can chop one up
into many pieces… but until the sun sets… the snake will live.
Unless of course you spit on it before having eaten… in which case
the snake will die instantly. Truth is indeed stranger than aliens
copulating in free-fall in outer space.

So where does all this knowledge bring us you may well ask. Well
here’s the thing of it. I have a pair of granulated gold cobra
earrings from India to show you. Stunners… to say the least. And I
feel I would be remiss if I didn’t give you some invaluable lore
before showing you the beauty of my asp.

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stylized cobra ear oranments with applied stamped motifs, wires, and
granulation… created circa 1880.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark