[Tidbits] Le Cat

Le Cat

Of all the animal jewelry made…I would venture to say there are more
Cat items than anything else. It probably started 4000 years ago when
the Egyptians first tamed the African wild cat and then subsequently
created their cat-headed goddess: Bast.

If you are a modernist (is that a word?) and you’re not much
interested in what the Egyptians did four millennia ago…I bring you
this tidbit. In the dog family we had Lassie and Rin Tin Tin and Pluto
and Spike and Asta. Do they compare…do they compare I ask you…to
the likes of Felix, or Morris, or Sylvester–that black and white
Puddy Tat, or Garfield, or the Cheshire Cat in Alice, or Heathcliff,
or Top Cat? How long is the list? Very very long my friends. I bring
you but a sampling.

Do we wear cats on our lapels and in our hats and on our fingers
because we know intuitively as well as scientifically that the cat is
more intelligent than the dog? Hmmmm? Now now dog lovers. No attacking
me here. There are animal intelligence tests that back up this
statement. Do you all want to hear a cat oddity that has nothing to do
with jewelry? Yes? Okay…here it is. The cat, other than the camel
and the giraffe, is the only animal that walks by moving its front and
hind legs on one side and then on the other.

When it comes to fashion jewelry, whether gold or silver or base
metal…there is not an era that does not contain at least one
sampling of a cat or one sort or another. The great designers made
cats…Cartier’s panther is but an example. There are modern and sleek
bits of cat jewelry. And there are pieces made that depict the scruffy
cat…that alley fighter with one eye closed as a result of an
encounter with a competitor…both vying in the dark of night for the
affections of that pretty young thing swishing its tail demurely in
the window. To the victor go the spoils. Did you all know that the cat
skeleton is very much like that of a human beings. Very little
difference…even in the amount of bones.

1925 through 1975 represents a legendary era of fantastic costume
jewelry which entered into the world of high fashion. The word
“Costume” as it relates to jewelry is synonymous–in many minds–to
the word “fake”. However…the original intent of Costume Jewelry was
the creation of ornaments made to be worn with fashionable
garments…or costumes. Much costume jewelry was made of superior
materials and was and is equal in beauty to anything made of gold and
precious gems. Which brings us back to our friend…El Gato.

I have a picture…a li’l ol’ must see…I have a picture of a
bobcat. One look will tell you this fellow is a ruffian by nature. He
is a tough little critter that ain’t gonna take no crap from no one.
I like him. He’s in the form of a pin. To see him…for those of you
who are new subscribers…go to my home page…scroll down the table
menu till you get to the box that says Tidbits…and inside the box it
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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

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