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[Tidbits] Keiserens nye Kleder

…by Hans Christian Anderson. Translated into English from Danish
it reads: The Emperor’s New Clothes. Dear old Hans … he told the
story of an emperor who was duped by his clothiers into thinking he
was buying new clothes and ended up walking the streets of his
kingdom in his skivvies.

Original story… eh wot? Or was it? One can never beat a tantalizing
"or was it?"… can one?

Let us hark back why don’t we. Shall we say the 14th century B.C.?
Let us walk the streets of Ancient Egypt. Down the back alleys where
the local tailors worked in mini-pyramid homes… toiling away with
gold threads. Yes… that’s right… they made clothes of gold back
then. For the elite of course. And you want to talk about sheer.
Why… some of those golden threads were see-throughs. Very fine
gold linen dear souls… as sheer as modern day nylon stockings.
Quite fashionable in those days. Worn by both men and women. So sheer
one could clearly see their Fruit-of-the-Looms… or… if they were
not wearing any that particular day… well… one could see what
they were not wearing too.

Look! The emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. Not so dear lad. He is
wearing clothes… made of gold no less… so thin one can barely see
the material. I digress. You think Hans Christian Anderson had it
wrong in his tale?

And then there’s Selket… a scorpion goddess… destined to wear one
of these dresses… as a statue of her was made of gilded wood
representing her in her revealing finery as she graced the tomb of
Tutankhamen… leaving our teen-aged pharaoh to enjoy the view of
this hot semi-nudie for all eternity… even to this day I imagine.

And you thought gold was only for jewelry… right? Nay nay sweet
boids of yute. Gold is also for clothes. See through clothes. The
best kind. I tend to think there are certain traditions that should
have been upheld. Stand up you jewelers of the world. Stand up, I
say. And make some golden see-through dresses. The women of the world
are waiting. Maybe the men too.

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark