[Tidbits] Just What is Jewelry Related

Here and there–when I tend to dare stray off a narrow conceptual
path–I am (upon occasion) struck down with mighty words of
self-elevating indignation which invariably point to my illimitable
failures of analyses. I–being a henchman of the ignorant and a
compatriot of the abysmally uninformed as well as a member in good
standing of the hoi polloi–have decided to take up the cudgel of the
oppressed and fight the fight of the just. To Jewelry Related is.

I shall present my case. You–dear reader–will tell me if it is
indeed Jewelry Related. Keep in mind that if you disagree with me I
will consider you no more than the rabble that roam the streets at
night. If–on the other hand–you agree. why then. it will become
eminently apparent to all who understand these things that you are
supreme intellectuals deserving of adulation and praise. That said.
let us sally forth.

I have an image of a suit of armor–viewable (I believe) in the
Topkapi Museum–which belonged to Sultan Mustafa III dating back to
the mid 18th century. Starting from top to bottom as best as I can
describe it. we have a gem decorated helmet. a quartz-studded dagger
handle inscribed by Selim the Grim as well as a metal short saber
belonging to Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. some gold-colored
medallions. gold-colored studded cuffs… and at the bottom a pair of
multi-colored begemmed items that I can only surmise to be stirrups.
Among the armaments not shown but part of the arsenal without which
any self-respecting Sultan would rather be seen dead than lacking.
are the following. all decorated with precious stones.

There are swords and daggers and scimitars and yataghans and bows and
quivers and thumb-rings and pistols and maces and link chains as
well. As an entire portraiture, the presentation of the suit of armor
is nothing less than a gem of a presentation. It is a jewel of a
vision standing majestically behind glass panes in what was once
Turkey’s most prestigious palace in the days of the Ottoman Empire.
So here’s the conundrum. Is the whole Jewelry Related and defined by
the sum of it’s parts. or does each part stand out as being a jewel
and therefore Jewelry Related in its own right. never losing its
individual identity as it contributes to the entire item? In a
diamond ring. the ring with the diamond has beauty… but that beauty
is not lost when the diamond stands alone. The suit of armor. the
swords. the rings. the medallions. the gems which stud them. are they
individually jewels and Jewelry Related. or is the whole also a jewel
and Jewelry Related.

I await your responses. Careful how you word these. for as you judge
me. so shall I judge you. Ya makes yer choice. ya takes yer chances.

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark

That my dear Benjamin is one fantastic piece of jewelry. Well worth
your comment and the viewing pleasure.

Really big jewelry. The jewelry I make probably would not save the
wearer in battle. Unless the magical spells I try to put in it
actually work. (Just kidding. I know they work.) :wink:

M’lou Brubaker
Minnesota, USA


Suleiman the Magnificent would be so proud of your sharing his suit
of celebration with the entire realm of Orchid.

Well done!

Blessings, Mary