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[Tidbits] How to Enjoy Your Death and

How to Enjoy Your Death and Other Jewelry Related Matters.

So here it is. Time to kick the bucket. Eat the dirt. Paddle down the
river Styx. Leave kindergarten and go on to grade one. What? You
thought this was at best high school or college? Bah! Maybe even
pre-kindergarten. Or nursery school. Either way… it’s time to
answer the final summons.

So whaddya gonna take with you? Some essentials of course. Some
necklaces perhaps? You can never have too many of those. What if they
have a ball in Hell? Or a hop in Heaven. Some earrings and golden
hair ornaments won’t hurt. I’m sure they have a hair salon for the
dearly departed over there. Some carnelian and lapis lazuli
adornments wouldn’t hurt. With rings on your fingers and bells on
your toes… you can dance till you drop while the music still goes.

Of course… if you happen to be a queen… your ladies’- in-waiting
will bring their essentials too. Which is exactly what Queen Puabi of
Mesopotamia did. I may have mentioned her once before… and if I
did… you might take notice that I am mentioning her again.

She was decked in all her finery. She would surely preside at the
ball-of-the-dead should the occasion arise that required her majestic
presence. But in the meantime … while she waited for her
invitation… she took along some gold wreaths… a cloak of golden
beads… precious stones… gold pins and amulets… and a golden
cup… one never knows when one might need to slake one’s thirst.
Alas… she neglected the partridge in the pear tree. A queen clearly
can not think of everything.

There were of course oxen drawing a wooden sledge which had been
killed to ensure they would not make a dash for life at the last
minute. There are those–it would appear --that are reluctant to
accompany their queen whither she goes. Go figure their selfish

She also brought along a lapis lazuli gaming board lest she might all
of a sudden be overcome by an incredible boredom which can only be
cured by a hot and heavy game of backgammon.

I clearly can not show you all of these things. If I did you might
become engulfed with envy and suddenly decide the better part of
existence might be to retire in her neck of the woods. And we
wouldn’t want that… would we? But I can show you an image of one of
her lady’s- in- waiting bedecked with goodies as behooves women of
this stature. She has a rather faceless appearance which is surely
due to the fact that she does not want to outshine her queen.

So… ya wanna see?

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
direct you to my home page at where you
will scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that
says Current Tidbits… click it… and you will see represented on
our pages an image of one of Queen Puabi’s lady’s in waiting who
accompanied her to her last reward. Or perhaps not her last reward.
Who can truly know these things?

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark


I saw this head piece several years ago reading about Mesopotamian
art. It would be great fun to recreate this in sterling for a
soiree. And, your writing in this tidbit is fantastic!

I saw this head piece several years ago reading about Mesopotamian
art. It would be great fun to recreate this in sterling for a
soiree. And, your writing in this tidbit is fantastic! 

Replicas are fun, satisfying to make, and there’s always a customer
for a replica :wink:

Regards Charles A.

Thanks for the support and kind words Mary. You intrigue me a bit
with the siver recreation. Don’t know how much time I have… I tend
to stretch things… but maybe I’ll doodle around with it a bit in
Matrix when I get a chance.

Best wishes,

Considering death was historically considered “sleep”(possibly
denial?) This concept may well be the modern origin of “rest in
peace”. Maybe that’s a good way to consider “it” After all could we
all use a good rest,no? I have seen many types of containment items
one of considerable interest to me was shown on a site located in

While obviously, historically burial rituals were somewhat determined
by the resources as society had some cultures simply left their"
loved ones" out in the field to be eaten by local animals some were
wrapped in a shroud in relatively shallow graves.(Ancient Jewish
tradition) and finally our contemporary industry of wood/ stainless
steel boxes" 6 feet under" but I digress, what I was referring to
above is type of woven jute long basket with handles the person
"sleeping" gets placed in, wrapped in a shroud and placed at a
personal choice of depth.

somehow this has brought me a surprising amount some comfort, as it
seems kind of airy, organic to say the least and just plain comfy.
Maybe I would ask my family to spring for a down comforter. At least
this is something we are all equal in. No long disagreeing thread on
this issue. zev PS well I guess I may be even wrong on that point,
there is that other theoretically environmentally more concise manner
of “blowing in the wind” when we pass.