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[Tidbits] How To Carry Your Child

There are many methods, lads and lassies, of how to carry a child.
There’s the ol’ papoose. There’s a baby wrap which comes in over a
dozen different variants. There’s a baby back-pack style carrier.
There’s the hip method. that is hip as regards to the body part
rather than hip as in really really cool man. And there’s the good
old Egyptian methodology used by goddesses when carrying about young
kings. This last one is my first choice folks, as I tend to lean
toward favoring the unique and oblique in life.

In days of old when lakes were cold and pails were not invented They
carried water on their heads and trod along contented. Peasants that

Yes. Well. T’warn’t all that much different when in came to carrying
kings. The goddesses emulated the common folk and plopped the little
dickens on their heads and strode about heedless of the fact that
HE–le roi du jour–might take it into his head. or upon her head. to
take an unexpected poop. Ya carry this way. ya takes yer chances.

Her name was Menkaret and his was Tutankhamen. She was a goddess and
he was a king. Little has been said about her and you will walk away
from this Tidbits no wiser that you were coming in when in comes to
her. Much has been said about him … and you will walk away from
this Tidbits knowing little more than you already know which I’m sure
is quite a bit because when knowledge is poured down your gullet it’s
hard to escape absorbing quite a bit of it.

So. for the fun of it. here’s a little trifle or two for you to
enjoy. As peasant women of the day carried their jars. so did Menky
carry Tut. He sits on her head. She supports his back with her right
hand. His feet with her left. And that’s it. In brevity there’s
vacuousness. Imagine a pot filled with nothing. No ideas. No
intelligence. No thoughts. And then write about it in such a fashion
as to enthrall.

So then why. oh do tell us why dear dear Benjamin. why do you inflict
this tedium upon us? What is your rationale? What are we to glean? Do
you have a reason? Do you have an excuse?

Yeah. Well. Hold on there Nellie. First of all. ol’ Tut and young
Menkaret are made of wood and gold. Gilded I believe. And that should
justify the jewelry purists amongst you. And secondly. my new puppy.
a dark colored Shih Poo who responds to the name of Brinkely–You’ve
Got Mail for those who remember–just got his little gonads snipped
off and I’m just a tad concerned that he might start barking soprano
fashion … or worse yet. falsetto. Instead of a deep basso profundo
woof woof we’re going to hear a high squeaky yip yip. perish the

All that aside. Menky and Tut look great and I’m sure you will all
enjoy. So…

You know the rest. The visit to the image. also known as the viewing
experience. You know where to go. Home page. Scroll down. Left side. [Tidbits]. Click.
And there for your exploratory pleasure will be a picture Menky and
Tut in a stances of symbiotic pleasure.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark

I don’t know who would be more uncomfortable - child or carrier.
Hope that is just an artistic invention! Love Tidbits, enjoy each and
every one of them.

Hope the puppy is well and basso.



Once again, wonderful writing, wonderful discovery. Please don’t
ever leave us.

Best, MA