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[Tidbits] How To Build a Castle


Well folks… like Zapata… I have returned. Pay attention to link
info at end of article. It has changed slightly. And now…

There are three ways to build a castle. There’s the ancient way.
There’s my way. And there’s the jewelry way.

The ancient way: As defense structures… castles date back to the
1st century A.D. It is thought by thems wot think that the very first
castle may be the one in the Enda Mika’el palace at Axum, in
Ethiopia. They were defense structures as opposed to palaces which
were luxury abodes. And then… believe it or not … there was the
ready-to-assemble castle dating back to William the Conqueror…
descendant of the Vikings. He had one prefabricated. Timbers had been
cut, shaped, and framed before being loaded onto a ship in France
which then sailed to England. Upon arrival… the Normans assembled
the fort… finished by evening… and made ready to attack. This
info is for those of you who think pre-fabs are the resultant ideas
of today’s minds.

My way: This is much more complicated as it involves structuring of
the utmost complexity. The tools and materials defy the stretches of
the most fertile of imaginations. Let me telle you about these tools
lest you too should decide one day to build a castle of your own. You
will need some CGI scripting. And some HTML. And PHP and XYZ. Some
Meta Tags won’t hurt. A couple of Drop Down Menus. Images… of
course. Hyper-Links too. And last but not least… hammer and nails
and a good circular saw. Put 'em together and whaddya got?.. a
Castle with the finest of fortifications… turrets galore… a handy
moat and even more… which in today’s parlance is euphemistically
referred to a the new pages of Tyler-Adam Corp. But don’t be fooled
by what you see. Behind all that jewelry and innovation there lurks a
well fortified castle designed to serve and protect thems that visit.

The Jewelry Way: Ahhh… here’s the “raison d’etre” of Tdibits.
Anybody ever hear of a wee bit of a company called Cartier. Yes …
well… they too once decided to build a castle of their own. Yes
they did. It was made of eighteen karat yellow gold. It had diamonds
and red and black enameling. It was adorned with hearts and windows
and it was textured in a most exquisite fashion.

It’s value… around $2000.00

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And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark