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[Tidbits] Hearts


A kiss on the hand may be so continental/but diamonds are a girl’s
best friend…Especially if they’re worth something in the vicinity
of 1.4 million smackeroos…and especially if they’re in the shape of
hearts and made up into earrings and are set into platinum and are D
color and are internally flawless.

I ask you…is there anyone out there who would settle for anything
less? Probably not. 1.4 mil or nothing pal. No second-rate earrings
for these lobes, tootsie. When Harry Winston makes earrings…or
anything else for that matter…he does not skimp. But why hearts you
may all well ask. So I’ll tell you.

Historically…heart-shaped diamonds go back to the mid 1600’s when
Jean Baptiste Tavernier–jewel merchant and adventurer
extraordinaire–wrote about having seen a 35 carat, heart-shape in
India in the treasure of Auranzeb…last of the great Mogul emperors
who assumed–at one point in his life–the title of “Conqueror of the
World.” Tavernier named the diamonds–quaintly enough–the Heart
Diamond. And since that time…the style has remained in the
r�petoire of diamond cutters.

Of course…the very reason for using hearts as a symbol goes much
deeper than mere beauty. In the Qabalistic Tree of Life the heart is
the very center of both spiritual and physical being. It is the center
of wisdom and feeling. It mediates between selflessness and egotism.
To be courageous is to be “great-hearted.” If you’re cruel …you’re
"heartless." Looking for a little more consideration than the other
half is giving you these days…you say…“hey…have a
heart…willya?” Pat a dog on the head…stroke a kitty…give a penny
to the guy with the cup in the street…and you’re “Kind-hearted.”

But the heart goes even beyond these mundane borders my friends. The
Aztecs…for example…cut a sacrificial victim’s heart out and
offered it to the sun…no mean token of obeisance…let me tell you.
African Bushmen would not let their children eat a jackal’s heart for
fear it would make them cowardly. My thinking on this is…if you’re
brave enough to eat a jackal’s heart…you’re brave enough for me. In
Buddhism …the Diamond Heart represents indestructible purity.

In Greek myth…Dionysus was slain and eaten by the Titans…except
for his heart which was swallowed by Zeus…and probably uncooked at
that. I’ll tell you something…when it comes to this whole business
of eating another creature’s heart…whether animal or human…may be
good for Hannibal but it ain’t good for me. I think I’d rather have a
Hershey bar. And I think I’d rather subscribe to our world’s view
which is a bit gentler and a bit more civilized…where the heart
represents love and joy and compassion and understanding. How about

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And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next
week. Benjamin Mark

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