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[Tidbits] Heart

To be a Heart person or to be a Head person … that is the
conundrum. Move over Willy-boy. Here is the difference: The Head
represents the center of reason, It is the Crown of Creation. The
Heart, on the other hand, is the center of being … it is both the
spiritual and the physical. It is represented on the Qabalistic Tree
of Life. And the winner is … at least for today … The Heart.

Ah … what an organ … within which resides all feelings and
emotions. We don’t say I love you with all my head, do we? Did you
know that in some circles of reasoning one measures the life span of
all living creatures by the amount of beats produced by the living
heart. I have heard said that by that reasoning … all creatures
live about the same amount of time … in heart beats that is. Let’s
see … sixty or so beats a minute … sixty minutes in an hour …
24 hours in a day … methinks I’m getting a headache. And let me
tell you … getting a headache is a real heartache.

So how important a role does the old ticker play in the everyday
lives of men? Well … the Aztec priests ripped the hearts out of
hapless victims. When Cupid roams he pierces your heart with an
arrow. Cruelty is defined as heartlessness. Begging is to ask one to
“have a heart.” Hearts of slain enemies were eaten to gain courage.
And last but not least … African bushmen would not let their
children eat the hearts of Jackals … fearing it would make those
children cowardly. Of course … in my mind this conjures up
zillions of children scurrying about the African plains … trying
to catch a jackal in order that they might rip out his heart and eat
it. Mmm. Yummy. I guess they don’t have popcorn over there. Or we
don’t have jackal-hearts delicacies over here.

Once upon a time there was a man who wanted to give his wife his
heart wrapped as a gift for Valentine’s Day. Lest you all begin to
shudder uncontrollably as this point … envisioning our hero
slitting open his chest with a sharp blade and delicately removing
his precious pulsating organ and then winding a ribbon around it and
presenting it to his wife … as most men are wont to do … I am
here to say lax-up.

Once upon a time there was a jeweler named Verdura … and Verdura
made two --only two–rare yellow sapphire and diamond wrapped-heart
brooches … and our man bought one and gave it to his wife. And it
is a stunner

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Benjamin Mark