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[Tidbits] Fingerstalls


Hear ye hear ye. Come one…come all. Designers…would-be
designers… innovators of fashion…leaders of the
avant-garde…wearers of the outrageous…seekers of the offbeat…for
we…here…at Tyler-Adam Corp…present you with the newest look in
jewelry fashion…the prototype of tomorrow…the faze to glaze the
most jaded gaze.

But–my friends–in order to get a glimpse into the future one must
take a trek into the past. And so back we go…skimming the eons of
past jewels…to a place near the little town of Luxor, roughly six
hundred miles up the river Nile, to a little valley nestled within a
framework of rocky hills. At the highest point lies the home of the
ancient Egyptian goddess, Merit-Segert–the Lover of Silence. And in
the Valley lies the tombs of ancient Pharaohs…some three thousand
years old.

And inside the Valley lies the tomb of the most famous of them all…
Tutankhamen. Now I’m not going to bore you with the
mundane…everyday bits of magnificence that was found in that tomb.
Who cares about the golden rings…or the mask of death…or the
necklace of the vulture- goddess of the south…or the serpent goddess
of the north. Sure… they’re interesting…but they’re
pass�…they’ve been seen before. It’s all a big yawn folks. What we
want here…is something to something titillate the senses…something
to satisfy the need for new fashion. What we want is something to
knock the socks off our friends. At the next shindig we attend…we
want to make those other wives drool with envy as they behold the
jewels adorning our fingers…or even fingertips as fate would have

There is an age old inscription which states: “Death will sly with
his wings whoever disturbs the Pharaoh’s rest.” Well…I ask you…is
there ever an individual so hardy and fearless as one who quests for
new designs in jewelry? Nay nay. We will step through the jaws of
death itself in order to bring you new designs.

And so…in this spirit…I present to you the Fingerstalls of
Tutankhamen. When a ruler of a land has so much jewelry he does not
know where to place the next thing next…he has but few choices. For
old Tut…or young Tut actually…he had that virgin territory…his
fingernails. Upon each finger of each hand Tut wore a hollowed
out–front portion–of a golden finger…nail and all. Imagine the
advantages in the hectic pace of today’s world. No time to do your
nails today?..slip on your Fingerstalls and you’re ready to trip the
light fantastic…the height of fashion at your fingertips…literally
and figuratively…the envy of all your friends.

While I do not claim to make these…I present you with the graphic
as an idea for those of you courageous enough the delve into brave new

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
direct you to my home page at where you will
scroll down the table menu till you get to the box that says
Tidbits…and inside the box where it says Tidbit Graphics…click on
the link that says: Fingerstalls…where you will see a rendering of
the Tut’s golden nails.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next
week. Benjamin Mark

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