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[Tidbits] Field Marshall


Field Marshall

An officer of the highest military rank in the British army … and
of some other armies … the most famous of which were probably
Field Marshall Montgomery and Field Marshall Rommel. There was of
course … another famous Field Marshall …created by a jeweler
equally if not more famous … and made for a family equally
famous again.

So here you have it. A tale of fame. A tale in fact … that begins
with a horse. Oh no, Benjamin. A horse again? You just did a horse.
We’ve had our fill, lad. Stop with the galloping equine, old fellow.
Neigh neigh, I say. Or even perhaps nay nay. Whatever. Listen to
the story … and let me know if was worth hopping in the saddle for
… so to speak. Hope y’all like puns.

So Faberg=E9 was surely strolling along one day … thinking jewelry
thoughts as a great jeweler is often wont to do … when King Edward
of Great Britain approached him and probably said something to the
effect of: Hey. Carl. I gotta get somethin’ fer the wife. Somethin’
a little different. Out of the ordinary. Somethin’ that’ll tickle
her fancy. Whaddya think?

To which Carl Faberg=E9 most surely replied something to the effect
of: Yo … Bertie (King Edward’s nickname was Bertie and his real
name was Albert and didn’t become Edward till he became king) …
how about I make you a miniature horse … like the one the wife
(Queen Alexandra) has at her Castle in Norfolk.

Let’s do better than that, said Bertie-the-King. Create a whole
miniature zoo for her, why don’t you? Model it after her favorite

And so Faberg=E9 did. And the one he did of the horse was of the
queen’s champion … heavy-bodied shire stallion: Field Marshall. A
red stone beauty folks. Standing seven inches high. Given to the
queen on the occasion of her birthday … December 1, 1908. Value:

Faberg=E9 was clearly more than the creator of eggs for which he was
famous. The queen herself had over 250 of the little animals Faberg=E9
had designed. Alas … today I bring you but one. Tomorrow … who
knows what joyful entities will be represented on our pages. Perhaps
The Shadow does … but he and only he. The rest of us will have to
wait. This includes me … for I have no clue as to what’s coming
next week.

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
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scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that says
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Marshall … where you will see a graphic of a magnificent work of

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week. Benjamin Mark

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