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[TIDBITS] Faux Jewels

Faux Jewels

It’s the middle 1900’s folks. The aristocracy in this country
sets the fashion trends. In the forefront of the
trend-setters…the stars of the Silver Screen. They were
bejewelled and bedecked, and they bedazzled. The thing of it was,
however, that while they were being admired from afar, the
hoi-polloi could not hope to come close to being able to afford
the baubles worn by the heroines of the day.

Oh what to do…what to do? Why…buy faux jewels, of course. The
word “faux”, in French, means “fake”. But fake jewelry in
English still means fake jewelry, while faux jewelry in French
has the connotation of simply being a “style” of jewelry.
Language coitainly is an interesting thing, ain’t it folks?

Jewelry designs of this period were described as Art Deco and Art
Moderne. Where there was once gold and platinum, there was now
white metal. Where there were once diamonds, there were now

But it matters not a whit my friends, as to what material an item
is made from. For if it’s art, then it’s art, and it’s often
pretty too. There were many designers of that day that created
incredibly gorgeous jewelry. Which brings me to a current
dilemma. I have two items I want to show you. Ahh…but here’s
the rub. Which one do I pick. A…or…B? The answer…both by

The first is a pin called the “Tinlizzy”, a miniature in
rhinestone of the forerunner or today’s automobile…The Model T.
And the second is also a pin, owned by Hattie Carnegie which is
made with Faux coral and turquoise with rhinestones all mounted
in base metal that has been gold electroplated. Dear old Hattie
would surely have never worn “Fake” jewelry…but “Faux” jewelry
was clearly another matter entirely.

So…to see both of these in one graphic…you all know where to
go folks…don’t you? To my home page, down the table menu till
you get to Tidbit Graphics, and then click on “Faux.” And there
ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next
week. Benjamin Mark

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