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[Tidbits] Crystal Skull

Crystal Skull After his death he begins a four year journey. He
endures intolerable suffering as he travels through the nine hells
before finally arriving at the center of the earth…in Mictlan…where
Mictlantechuli…Aztec god of death and ruler of Mictlan …awaits
him. It has not been an easy trip…and he would not want to die
through it again…or is it live through it again? Don’t ask. Some
things are too difficult…even for TylerAdamompantligreat Aztec
warrior and chronicler of the Aztec tablet called
Tidbitsopochtlioverseer of wars and advisor to sacrificers.

The origin of Rock Crystal…to digress ever so slightly from what
would appear to be a grippingly intellectual topic…is as follows: It
is formed by the congealing of waters in dank dark mountainous caverns
where the temperature is so intensely cold as to precipitate the
formation of crystal. Of course…there are no shortages of heathens
out there who would be bold enough to dispute the above irrefutable
facts…and put forth some sort of primitive theory that Rock Quartz
is nothing more than a mineral chemical composition being silicon
dioxide (SiO2)which is often used in the making of jewelry. I,
personally, will not respond to these people as I find their
abstract theories unendurable. The congelation of water makes much
more sense to the logical mind.

The Aztecs were a warlike people…a cultural bent born of necessity
because war provided captives and captives provided bodies needed for
sacrifices in order to keep the sun on its daily meanderings through
the heavens. Any questions? They were fascinated by deformity and
MontezumaAztec Rulerused to allow himself to be entertained by
hunchbacks at the circus. Another fascination of the Aztecs were
skulls. They had skull racks upon which real skulls were kept. And
then they had manmade skullsused to decorate their shrines.

Quartz and diamond had similar magical powers which could easily
explain why one wore them as jewelry. Rock crystal could wake a
clairvoyant from a somnambulistic state…a handy tool indeed to have
if one were inclined to associate with clairvoyantsas are most of us
I’m sure. Should you have a griffin etched onto your piece of
crystal…you will always have an abundance of milk…absence of cows
notwithstanding. But again…I digress…

One of the most famous pieces of carved rock crystal in the Aztec
collections of jewelry… statuettes…talismans…and other important
decorations used to fill out the everyday humdrum existence of
conquering and sacrificing…was a translucent carved skull. Oh my
friends…it is an incredible piece to behold…and behold it soon you
all soon shall. Parenthetically…I dare any of you to say those last
eight words three times in rapid succession.

The lore surrounding Rock Crystal is enormous and far too vast for me
to put in this small column whose main attraction isamong other
thingsbrevity. That said…I urge you all to go see my Aztec Skull.
Gaze at it in wonderment…and marvel at the craftsmanship of those
South American Indians considered the most bloodthirsty people that
ever existed.

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
direct you to my home page at where you will
scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that says
Tidbits…and then click on the link that says: Skull…where you will
see a graphic of our Rock Crystal carving.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all next
week. Benjamin Mark

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