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[Tidbits] Costume Menagerie

Tennesse Williams aside. there is resides a vast array of costume
jewelry–made mostly of glass to resemble gemstones–in which resides
all sorts of forms and shapes of various animals. And it’s Tidbits
time. And I am looking at an assortment of over a dozen creatures.

Pick one the fates scream to me. It’s Wednesday night grumble the
sages of days long past. Time’s running out kiddo whisper the ghosts
of ancient decisions. Okay okay. I wave to them all. Leave me you
dastardly nincompoops. and find residence elsewhere. for I have found
my animal-du-jour.

So. some like dogs (I have one whose name is Brinkley)… some like
mice. and gerbils and fish and snakes and lizards. Me. my favorite
animal–Brinkley aside because that’s another story of another
color–my favorite of them all is the cat. Almost all cats will do.
Tigers and leopards and cheetah’s and American short-hairs. Except
for lions. because regardless of what the world thinks. I think
they’re dogs in cat’s clothing. Did you know that the American
short-hair is the only animal–except for humans–that kills for
pleasure? The fact is that if cats could bark I would now have a cat
instead of a dog.

As to who makes these costume doo-dads. ah… the list is amazing.
There’s Trifari and Lane and Boucher and Schiaparelli and Chanel and
more. And as to diversity. well. … there are cats and dogs and
puppies and zebras and squirrels and horses and lambs. Fact of it is.
let me know if you want to see one of these and I might accommodate.
Who knows what desires lurk in the hearts of men? The Tidbits man
knows. Or will know if you tell him. Orson Welles’ got nuthin’ on me.

Thusly mes amis. I have chosen a cat for today’s presentation. Oh.
but he’s a most wondrous creature. Elegant is wot he is. Pot metal.
Rhinestones. Emerald color glass marquise shaped eyes. Upside down
ruby glass heart-shaped mouth. Signed by one Vitoge. Made in the
1940’s. 2" high. Worth about $250.00.

And as to this high-class glass feline. I think I shall call him
Patapouf. A befitting name. dontcha think? Although the truth of it
is that in French the word Patapouf is much akin to the American
English word Fatso. Oh my. look at that Patapouf over there. Not
polite. Not politically correct… though in my personal opinion it
is politically incorrect to be politically correct. especially when
carried to moronic levels. But that’s just me. and has nothing to do
with jewelry. Uh-oh. Methinks I am being politically incorrect. Bravo
Benjamin. Bravo I say.

Okay. You know where. Yes? No? The visit to the image… also known
as the viewing experience. You know where. Home page. Scroll down. Left side. Tidbits. Click.
And there for your sensory optic pleasure you will see a costume
jewelry glass creation in the form of a cat… put up here to
titillate your sensory pleasures.

And there ya have it. That’s it for this week folks. Catch you all
next week.

Benjamin Mark