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[Tidbits] Color Galore

I think–if memory serves–there was a James Bond character with a
similar name. I wouldn’t mind a little memory refresher here. [grin]

That said… I have a “Venetian” necklace made by a world class
designer. It’s got amethysts and citrines and pink tourmalines and
green tourmalines and peridots and diamonds galore. (There’s that
word again) It’s made of 18 karat gold and platinum. It is fifteen
inches long. It is worth around $60,000 in today’s value market.
Total weight in colored gems is 321.50 carats and in diamonds 14.00
carats. All weights approximate.

So… she was born August 19, 1883. She opened her first fashion
boutique in 1913 and she was up and running in the world of clothing
design. I know you know who she is… but let me have my fun here.
Whaddya say? She initiated the revolution in women’s wear. In 1924…
not one to let grass grow and all that… she opened a costume
jewelry department in order to accessorize her fashions. Her style
leaned toward the baroque style of opulence consisting of precious
stones… poured glass … crystal… enamel… jade… lapis… and
on and on.

In 1932 she upped the ante and presented her first collection of
diamond and platinum jewelry. In 1933 she launched her line of Haute
Joaillerie which included among her pieces her favorite flower.

Now here’s where the poser comes in. Are you all paying attention?
This Tidbits is short and sweet… and also challenging. I know you
all know I am speaking of Coco Chanel. An amazing woman indeed. But
her favorite flower… now there’s a blossom of another color. What
is it? Do you know? Does anyone out there in Earthland who reads
this stuff know what Coco Chanel’s favorite flower was. No peeking on
the you-know -what. No surfing the you-know-where. Let me know what
you think it is… as well as the name of that James Bond
character… and perhaps one day… when you least expect it… a
guy called Benjamin may tap you on the shoulder and say… smile…
'cuz you got it.

For those of you who are new to this thing called Tidbits…may I
direct you to my home page at where you
will scroll down the left side menu till you get to the area that
says Current Tidbits… click it… and you will see represented on
our pages an image of Coco’s diamond and multi-colored necklace.

And there ya have it.
That’s it for this week folks.
Catch you all next week.
Benjamin Mark